This week we have a lot of exciting news! We just launched a new starter yoyo, exclusive to (just in time for Christmas), and we have an update on the coming release of the Civility yoyo.

New Yoyo Release – The Sage


In July 2013 we here at YoTricks received the sad news that the Luminator yoyo we had used to teach most of our tricks had been discontinued. In hope of creating a new flagship starter yoyo, we contacted YoYoFactory to see if they could replace the Luminator for us. We wanted a yoyo that was inexpensive, played great and easy with no modifications, but could easily be modified to handle more difficult Unresponsive Tricks.

With our combined knowledge and vision, and YoYoFactory produced The Sage. Like the Luminator before it, the Sage Yoyo is easy to pick up and play. It comes with a thin bearing, for responsive play, but can easily be modified with a Center Trac bearing for unresponsive play.

The Sage is available on its own, or in a Yoyo Starter Pack (recommended for new players) and Yoyo Pro Pack (for players ready to take the leap into more advanced tricks).

Civility Yoyo Update

Civility Yoyo available at in January 2014As many already know, it had been our hope to launch the Civility Yoyo in July or August of 2013. Due to a mistake in the manufacturing, however, this was not possible and we had to remake all the yoyos.

We are now excited to announce that the Civility will be available on sometime in January 2014. As soon as the Civility is made available to our customers we will notify you through our website, our newsletter, our YouTube channel, and on Facebook.

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