Earlier this week, we posted a video for the 2013 Holiday Yoyo Buyer’s Guide. Check it out to see our top picks for 5 different types of yoyo players.

In addition to our top 5, we have some other yoyos we feel are just as good but didn’t fit into our buyer’s guide categories as well. So, here are our 2013 Holiday Yoyo Buyer’s Guide honorable mentions.

Velocity Yoyo by YoyoFactory

Velocity Yoyo by YoYoFactory - Honorable MentionThe Velocity is without a doubt our most popular yoyo. It has a super good reputation, and it is one of few yoyos that can take you from starter to advanced tricks.

If you are thinking about the Velocity, we highly recommend you get the Velocity Yoyo Starter Pack that comes with YoTricks Thin Yoyo Lube which will help protect the bearing for extended play.

Dark Magic 2 by YoYoJam

Dark Magic 2 Yoyo by YoYoJam - Honorable MentionPossibly no yoyo online has a better reputation than the Dark Magic 2. This yoyo just barely got beat out for our Buyer’s Guide Video by the newly released Shutter, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer.

The Dark Magic 2 is the yoyo for anyone. It comes with a thin bearing for starter play and a wide bearing for the most advanced yoyo tricks, making it one of the most dynamic yoyos we sell.

Glide by Yomega

Glide Yoyo by Yomega - Honorable MentionThe Glide is our most affordable high-end metal yoyo. It ships with a concave bearing, plays great, and is one of the best choices available for off axis tricks and grinds. The quality and performance of this yoyo is the yoyo world’s best kept secret.

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