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We have been working hard to continue improving the website and the mobile yoyo experience. In addition to an updated iOS app with improved performance, we are especially excited to announce that we have launched an update for our Android app with a completely redesigned interface.

What’s different

This version of the Android app has been updated with an all new interface that greatly improves the user experience. There is now an easy way to view the latest video release and browse for tricks by category.

Beneath each video we feature the yoyo used in the video, or we recommended a yoyo ideal for learning the trick. There is also quick access to our online store so you can purchase yoyos right from your phone or tablet.

Learn anywhere you go

With this most recent update, it is now easier than ever to learn how to yoyo anywhere you go, all you need is an internet connection. Download our app now from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store.

You can now follow us Twitter for product updates and news.

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