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Learn about the YoTricks Single and Double Bloop Yoyo Holder.

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YoTricks Bloop – About Yoyo Trick
This is the YoTricks Bloop. The Bloop serves a simple function, of allowing you to just attach a yoyo to it, and it just kind of cinches down, just like this, and the whole point is so that you can attach it to the loop of your jeans or your pants so that you can carry your yoyo anywhere. With yoyos these days they keep getting bigger and bigger, sometimes it is hard or just kind of awkward or annoying to carry them in your pockets, so that is what the Bloop is for – to give you the opportunity to take your yoyo anywhere.

One of the features of the Bloop is that we have noticed when you are walking around with the yoyo hanging this low it can have a tendency to bounce. That can be a little bit annoying depending on the type of person you are. One thing that we have done is we have designed it so that the Bloop can actually be folded over on top of itself, effectively cutting in half the length that the yoyo hangs. Because of the elastic, the way that it is tied around the Bloop itself, it doesn’t make any noise when the yoyo moves back and forth. You can still attach it to your belt, but it barely hangs low at all. That way there is hardly any movement, you really don’t even notice that it’s there, which is just a great feature for the Bloop to have. When you want to get it out you can actually pull it out with one hand because of the elastic so that it is still really easy to get to. When you are done you just put it back and you are ready to go.

That is the Single Bloop. We also have a Double Bloop because we wanted to be able to carry our 2A and 3A yoyos on us at all times as well. You’ll see this one is just a little different. It’s got two little areas: one right here, and one right here. What you can do with these is you can attach, we have set it up so you can attach any 2A yoyo, any 3A yoyo, at least any that we have seen. The just stack one on top of the other. Again, you just hook it to your belt loop. They can just hang free, right there. Most of the time they don’t even run into each other, they don’t even touch, so they are not really clanking unless you are really kind of running or moving around a lot. It’s kind of nice. They just hang there silently and when you need them they’re there. You don’t have to be sticking two big yoyos in your pockets, but you can have them with you all the time. I’ve found that ever since I have been wearing my Double Bloop I have been practicing my Two-Handed Tricks a lot more which is just fantastic, that’s what it’s all about.

You can just find these in the shop. A lot of our kits and packs we include one of the Bloops that is appropriate for the yoyo, particularly in the Player’s Pack, the Player’s Pack always comes with a Bloop.

So, check it out. That is the YoTricks Bloop.

There are no yoyo tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your yoyo.

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