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Hanging Bloop Red

  • The YoYoTricks Bloop* (think belt-loop) Yoyo Holder is meant to meet the needs of yoyoers in an age of skinny jeans, small pockets, and large yoyos. The YoTricks Bloop conveniently attaches to your belt-loop allowing the modern style-conscious yoyoer to carry their yoyo in any outfit without jiving their crease or stretching their skinny. Bulging pockets take their place alongside disco and the dark side as a derelict of danker days, while yoyos, proudly displayed in the free air, cry out: Do not underestimate, do not decry, do not call us a fad; we are here to stay!

*Yoyo not included.

Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions2.5 × 1.75 × .5 in
Bloop Colors

Blue Bloop, Red Bloop, Green Bloop, Purple Bloop, Black Bloop, Orange Bloop

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