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Our 90 Second Review of the Vulture Yoyo by YoYoFriends.

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Vulture Yoyo 90 Second Review Yoyo Trick
The Vulture is a bi-metal yoyo put out by YoYoFriends, a company known for its bi-metal designs, and for their consistently high standards. The Vulture itself is an inner-ring bi-metal yoyo that features an attractive design and superior competitive performance.

What we have with the Vulture is a hybrid between an H and a V shape. H shapes tend to be more powerful, while V shapes tend to be a little bit faster, and the Vulture definitely tends more towards that H shape, opting for power. It also uses 7068 aluminum, so where the walls are thin, they are extra thin, and all that weight was put onto the rims for a super powerful design, that doesn’t completely eschew the benefits of the V shape.

In terms of play the Vulture does a really good job staying on plane, which makes it particularly good for body tricks, where you always need to know exactly where the yoyo is. If you couple this with its natural bi-metal power, this also makes it good for any type of complex tricks, whether it be tech, or speed, or anything where you have a lot of strings loaded in. This yoyo is almost always going to come back to your hand with a lot more speed than you expected.

In terms of design, YoYoFriends did a really good job integrating the stainless steel ring in with the bright matte finish that is featured on this yoyo. It also features a CenterTrac style bearing and a 4.4mm gap, which allows for a lot of string loading, but still has consistently tight binds.

If you are looking for a yoyo that has competitive performance, doubles down on power, and has an attractive design, then you can’t go wrong with the Vulture.

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