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Spire Yoyo Review Yoyo Trick

The Spire is an Offstring Yoyo that we designed in partnership with iYoYo to be the ultimate offstring yoyo for learning tricks. We have already started shooting our new Offstring Tutorials with the Spire, and so far players really seem to love it, so let’s take a look.

The profile of the Spire was borrowed from the iYoYo iCEBREAKER, which was used to win the US National Yoyo Title, it is a great design all around, but one of the things I love about it is that when you do Finger Grinds, you only touch the yoyo at its most narrow point. What that means is you can get extra long spins when you are doing those tricks, which means means you can do some pretty amazing tricks even without wearing a glove.

The main thing that we changed from the iCEBREAKER when we moved to the Spire was we made this wall higher. The reason we did that is because we wanted Thumb Grind tricks to be a little bit easier. We even added a Thumb Grind lip right here like you would see on a lot of 1A yoyos, so that when you catch the yoyo, while it is starting to slide off your thumb it gets caught on that lip, and that makes your Thumb Grind tricks than they have ever been on an offstring yoyo. Not only does this make all your classic Thumb Grind tricks a whole lot easier to learn and perform with success, it also opens up a whole new set of tricks because we maintained the Finger Spin cup of the iCEBREAKER. Now you can transition from your Thumb Grind maneuvers into Finger Spins to have some really long, really innovative tricks that include both.

Like other iYoYo offstring yoyos, the Spire is actually machined. It is not injection molded. That might be surprising because we were able to keep the price so low, right around the same price as you would get in an injection molded yoyo. If you don’t know what the difference is, 1A yoyos, the metal ones that play super smooth and perfect, those are machined. It costs a lot more to do that an offstring yoyo, so a lot of companies go for injection molding, which works good, but it doesn’t give you that same level of precision. The reason we were able to keep the price so low is because YoYoTricks and iYoYo really love this yoyo so much we wanted it to be the first offstring yoyo that everybody gets, because we want you to fall in love with offstring yo-yoing. So we thought, let’s work out a deal where we can give you the best experience possible, and that is what the Spire is. That is also why we are teaching our tutorials with the Spire moving forward.

One other thing we wanted to be able to give to you is the ability to swap out the spacers. We just give you those when you buy the Spire. There are 2 silver spacers, which are the thinner ones. There are 2 blue spacers, which are the thicker ones. That gives you three options. With the 2 silver spacers with the thinner design you can use just regular polyester string and it will play great. Or, if you like using fatter string because you like the way it makes the string move, you can use the 2 blue spacers, and it works great. I like to kind of split the difference so I use 1 silver, 1 blue, and I use Cage Free String which is right in the middle of the pack when it comes to thickness and that works exactly the way I like. Of course, you may find you like a different level of response and so you can adjust those the way you want.

Again, we are so grateful to iYoYo for helping us work on this yoyo and getting it just the way we like it. We think all of you will love it just as much as we do. I know in my own performances my consistency went up immediately as soon as I started using these yoyos. Even if you are veteran I think you will like this quite a bit as well. So that is the Spire Yoyo. If you are thinking about getting into offstring we think it is the best way to go right now.

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