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10 Things Every Yoyo Player Needs Yoyo Trick

In this video we are going to talk about the top 10 things that every yoyoer needs. As you know on YoYoTricks.com we are constantly innovating – whether it is with tutorials, or with the app, or with products – we are constantly doing new things, and there is a whole bunch of stuff that we have done recently that you probably don’t even know about. So, in this video we are going to talk about not just the Top 10 things that every yoyoer needs, but how we meet those needs on YoYoTricks.com for you.

Number 10!

For number 10, the first thing that you want to get, obviously, is a good beginner yoyo. As you know from our other videos, the #1 beginner yoyo that we recommend is the Fizz. If you go on the Fizz page you can go onto the recommended section and click on the packs and you can get a Fizz Yoyo Pack that has extra strings and a bloop so you can carry it around and take it everywhere. That way you can learn tricks wherever you want to go.

What if they have a friend?

Well, if you have a friend you can actually get the Screen Time Yoyo Challenge Pack which comes with 2 yoyos, and you can actually learn and check off tricks together. It even works if you have a sibling – a brother or a sister – or if you have a mom or a dad or anybody else who wants to learn how to yoyo with you. The Screen Time Yoyo Pack is a great way to go.

What if they just want to learn the First 50 Tricks?

Well, we have a First 50 Yoyo Tricks Pack. You can actually search for that and find it, it is a great way to go. Just get a good beginner yoyo. That is all I’m talking about.

Number 9!

So for number 9, you are starting to get pretty good at yoyo, but what you really need is to get friends who also yoyo. That will not only make your yo-yoing more fun, but it will help you learn a whole lot faster. But here is the problem: when your friends start to learn how to yoyo, especially if they have never yo-yoed before, they are going to want to use your yoyos. Which means your favorite, pristine, beautiful, wonderful yoyo – they are going to ding it on the ground! That is how you break up friendships.

So, what are you supposed to do? If only you had a really inexpensive yoyo that actually played kind of great that they could use, so that they could learn tricks along with you. Enter Magic Yoyos! You may have been on Amazon and you have seen a whole bunch of different different really great looking yoyo that are actually kind of inexpensive. Those are Magic Yoyos. But the question is, how do you know which ones are really good, and which ones are really not so good? They can be kind of a mixed bag. Well we have done the sorting for you. On our site we now sell Magic Yoyos, but we only sell the best of the best of the best. On top of that, not only do you get a Magic Yoyo from us, but with every single one, you get a free VIP Yoyo Bearing. That’s right, the best bearing in the world comes free with a Magic Yoyo. That is the heart and soul of the yoyo. If you upgrade the bearing in the yoyo, the yoyo becomes so much better. These are going to be the best Magic Yoyos you have ever used, because it is the best bearing you have ever used. You can freely hand them over to your friends. They can ding them. They can damage them. It won’t even hurt the friendship. Pretty soon you are going to have a whole much of friends who yoyo!


Number 8!

Once you have some yoyos, obviously you are going to need to learn some tricks. You can do this on Youtube, which is great. You can do it on our site, which is even better. The best place to learn tricks, is in our YoYoTricks.com app, which you can find on Apple devices, Android devices, even on Amazon devices. We’ve got it everywhere. Here’s the thing. Now only can you watch all of our videos on here, but you can go into the Level Up! system which allows you to keep track of the tricks you have learned. As you learn more tricks you actually level up. If there are tricks that you want to learn, it keeps track of all of those. Then you can check the box when you learn the tricks and it gives you this encouraging little saying, and it is randomized! It is amazing, ok? This is the app that you need to get. If you are in apple devices you can check it out. We have over Two-thousand reviews. 5 stars! People love this app!

We are building in right now a new routine builder. You can setup a list of tricks for your own routine, you can add your own tricks into the routine. You can set the time for the tricks so you know how long the routine is going to take. Then you can use that routine to win competitions. You can use that routine to win talent shows, you can use that routine to impress your friends – what ever you want. You can build multiple routines. It is great!

It’s amazing!

That’s right!

Number 7!

For number 7 you are tooling around on the app and you see a whole bunch of yoyo tricks, and that’s great. Then you see yoyo tricks in 5 different styles, and that’s even better. Then you see, what’s this? Kendama? What’s going on here? I thought this was YoYoTricks.com!?! Then you start looking in and you are like, Wow! These are really great Kendama tutorials. I should get a Kendama. That is exactly the right move. But here’s the thing. We are not just doing Kendama tutorials. We are going to be adding juggling tutorials. We are going to be adding hacky-sack tutorials by the end of the year.

It is not just that, the thing is we wanted to make sure you had the best equipment for getting into juggling, for getting into hacky-sack, for getting into Kendama. We went all over the world to find exactly the right places to get exactly the right equipment. And we have actually done it. We have our own line of hacky-sacks, we have our own line of juggling equipment, we have our own line of kendamas, and it all comes together just great.

They’re amazing!

I think you already said that.


Number 6!

For number 6 you’ve got your yoyo, you are learning tricks. Maybe you got a kendama, or a hacky-sack or some juggling equipment and you are learning tricks with those, but it is starting to get pretty hard because these are skill toys and skill toys take skill. So you’re thinking, oh, if there was only somebody I could go to directly to get some help. Well, that is why we setup our very own Discord server. Link below this video. We have almost 1000 people signed up. People are on there all the time talking. If you you have any help with any trick that you need, somebody is going to be able to help you out. If you want to help other people, you can help them out on here.

We do giveaways. If we have news we drop it on Discord first, sometimes weeks, to be honest sometimes even months before it makes it onto yYoutube. Sometimes we even go and ask the community about new products that we want to make so they can contribute to make those products even better. We go there to talk about tutorials that have not even been made yet. Just a whole bunch of crazy stuff. It is just a really great place to be. There is a link below this video, you will want to click on it. If you don’t have a discord account, you can sign up. It is really easy. Like I said there are like 1000 people and it is growing every day.

Don’t forget about the emojis!

Ok, yeah. We have emojis of me and Brian and other people. It’s fun.



Number 5!

Alright, let’s be honest. At this point you’ve got some yoyos, you have been learning some tricks, maybe you have got some juggling equipment or a hacky-sack, you are on Discord talking about yoyos all day. Let’s be honest, you have become a yoyoer, so you might as well look like one. Get a hat, get a couple shirts. Done.


Number 4!

So you got a yoyo, you started learning tricks. You got our app, then you went on Discord and you started talking about yoyos. Now you are dressing like a yoyoer, and all of a sudden you are feeling so much gratitude that, you know what, you just want to give back. That is kind of how we felt, so we created a new place on our site for what we call Craft Yoyos. A lot of people call these boutique yoyos, but what it really is, is just when you have an individual who is so passionate about yoyoing and they get this idea in there head about what the perfect yoyo would be, and they just have to bring it to pass. These individuals, they just go out and they make it happen! It is very difficult to get a really good spotlight on these individuals, even though they have made some of the most amazing yoyos that have ever been made. What we have done is we put a whole place on our site, again, we call it Craft Yoyos, where you can go and find all of these. These are some of the best yoyos that we have ever seen. Again, it is because these individuals have poured their entire heart and soul into it.

Even better, these guys are hanging out on Discord. If you want to ask them about their yoyos, if you want to ask them about upcoming yoyos, if you want to ask them how to make your own yoyo, you can totally do it. They would love to talk about what they have done to share their enthusiasm with you. You know what? We are excited to provide a platform for them to do that. Without the community we would really be nothing.


Number 3!

This year something absolutely awesome happened. The Duncan patent for the counterweight expired, which means we are finally cut loose to make our own counterweights without needing to license them through Duncan. That is exactly what we did. We made the best counterweight that has ever been made. It was designed by World Yoyo Champion, 5A World Yoyo Champion, Jake Elliott. It is the Chainmail Counterweight. You might be looking at this thing and thinking, wow that’s stainless steel. That must really hurt. And you would be wrong! The thing is, is that it is crushable. When it hits you it doesn’t hurt. Here’s the thing, 5A is ridiculous frustrating to learn because the tricks are really hard. It only makes it worse when a counterweight is constantly striking your hand and it hurts more than anything you have ever done in your whole life! If you can have a counterweight that does not hurt when you play with it, that makes the whole thing so much better. You will actually start to make progress in 5A, which is what you want to do.

There are other counterweights. Here’s the problem: they bounce. The crushable, chainmail counterweight does not hurt and it does not bounce. It is the perfect counterweight. You should definitely check one out.


Number 2!

You are branching into different styles of yo-yoing, you are learning tricks all the time, you are always on the app, you are talking about yoyos all the time on Discord, and this thing is always on your finger… now you need find a way to not just spend all your money on replacement pieces. Well we have got you covered. This year we started selling our maintenance materials in bulk. If you need a whole bunch of yoyo bearings, you can get the best yoyo bearing on the market, the VIP yoyo bearing, you can get them in sets of 3 and 10 for a huge discount. A lot of people were saying, hey, how come I can’t just buy a whole bunch of response pads? We heard you. That recommendation was on Discord, by the way. It makes a difference! Now you can get your response pads in bulk for a huge discount. Strings! Are you still buying 10 strings at a time? Are you crazy? You need to be getting 100 strings a time. You should be getting Cage Free Yoyo Strings. Strings that come the perfect length right out of the box. They play perfect right out of the box. They continue to play perfect for a long time. Now you can get them 100 at a time. Yeah.

Go get some!


Number 1

Alright. I know what you are saying. You are asking me, Adam, you have gone through this whole list and you have not even answered the one question that I have which is, What is the one yoyo that I should get? You have talked about counterweights, you have talked about string, you have talked about making friends. Yeah, I get all that. I do need all that. What I really want is just one yoyo recommendation. Is there just one yoyo that you can recommend?

Actually, as a matter of fact, there is. That is because as a company we all all agree that there is one yoyo that is our favorite yoyo. In fact, it is a yoyo that we designed ourselves. That one yoyo is the Solstice. In fact, this one yoyo we love so much, that we made actually made two: the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice. They are the one best yoyo that you can get.

Now you might be looking at this and getting a little confused. Which one should I get? The Winter or the Summer? Actually we agree on that too! It is the Winter / Summer. Ok, we don’t agree on that one point, but you can look at them, get a feeling for which one you like best. One is made for speed a little bit more. One is made for power a little bit more. They are both epically awesome. Or maybe you want to go into the packs and you can just get both. Because both of them are the one top yoyo that we recommend. Number one on our list, the Solstice.

In conclusion!

Those are the to 10 things that every yoyoer needs from YoYoTricks.com. Here’s the thing. We didn’t even cover everything. We didn’t even mention that you need an offstring yoyo. Obviously you need and offstring yoyo. If you are going to run around with a bunch of yoyos you might as well get a yoyo case. We didn’t even talk about it. There are probably other things that we didn’t even mention that you would love to tell us about. Go to discord. Let everybody know. Say hey, YoYoTricks.com, those guys don’t even know what they are talking about. They didn’t even mention this in the top 10 list. We want to hear from you.


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