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Review of the Yomega Brain Yoyo.

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Yomega Brain Yoyo Review Yoyo Trick
In this video we will be talking about the Yomega Brain Yoyo. We give it a Fly rating, because while it is not the best yoyo for advanced string tricks, it is one of the best yoyos on the market for what we call the “absolute beginner”. So let’s get right to it.

This yoyo is the Yomega Brain. And this yoyo, it’s frankly not for everyone. It is a beginner yoyo, but it is really the yoyo for what we call the “absolute beginner”. It is for the person who just can’t do anything with a yoyo, but is really interested and who really wished that they could. It has a clutch system in here, and what that does is it makes it so that the yoyo comes back automatically after it is done sleeping. If your throw isn’t good enough it won’t even sleep at all. It will just come right back up. That makes it so much easier for the person who has always been frustrated with yoyos and can’t figure out why they can’t work.

The other person this is really good for is maybe a really young child. Maybe their older brother or sister got into yoyoing and every time they try it they can’t do anything. The Yomega Brain is a good yoyo for them just to give them something they can play with until their arm is strong enough, until they are coordinated enough to get it to sleep. At least it will go down and come back up. It still takes a little bit more skill than a fake yoyo, like a yoyo ball, which is really no yoyo at all. It is a real yoyo, you can do real tricks with it; that way they won’t feel left out.

This yoyo is not for somebody who already has a good sleeper, can already get the yoyo back up. If you can already do that you are already beyond this yoyo. Instead you should look in the starter category on the YoTricks website and look for some other yoyos that you can use to learn tricks. So even if you feel like a beginner, if you can throw the yoyo down, get it to come back up, if you can get a sleeper, we recommend that you bypass this yoyo. But if those other two categories fit you or someone you would like to get a yoyo for, this yoyo is perfect for them.

Let’s take it apart and see why it is so great for those two types of players.

The first thing that you will notice about the Yomega Brain is obviously this clutch system that it has. What that does is as the yoyo is spinning those clutches they pull apart; it has an axle system in there and what it does it it releases the axle and it allows the yoyo to sleep. As the yoyo is starting to spin down those clutches are going to come back in, they are going to grab onto the axle and make the yoyo come back up. That is what makes the Brain unique and particularly good for beginners and also not so great for more advanced players.

So if we take the yoyo apart, here is the axle that I was talking about. You can see that it has a little rubber o-ring, and the way this yoyo goes together is that the o-ring fits inside this clutch system. That is actually the part of the axle that those clutches grab on to. If you are careless and you put the axle system in backwards then the yoyo is not going to come up automatically, and it is going to seem like the yoyo is broken. Make sure that you put that in properly when you put the yoyo back together.

Really that is the whole thing. The yoyo is a nice solid design. It feels pretty good. You do have to be wary, if you are using this, it is a very hard plastic, but it also is shatter-able. If you give it a couple of good cracks on the ground, that can break it. That is only if you are yoyoing over concrete or a very hard surface.

The only other thing that you really need to be aware of when you use a Brain yoyo like the Yomega Brain, is that with most yoyos the string is just going to go on it one time, and that is going to be enough. For the Yomega Brain you actually need to wrap the string around the axle an additional time, and that is what makes that Brain mechanism work. If you only have the string around it one time and those clutches grab that axle, because the string isn’t grabbing the axle itself, because it is only wrapped around once, it will continue to sleep and it won’t come back up automatically. Let me show that to you one more time. Like I said, on a normal yoyo the string is just going to go on it one time, and that will be enough. For this one you are just going to have to wrap it one more time.

As far as the yoyo goes that is all you need to know. After you do that it will be easy enough to wind up. That’s how the Brain goes together.

As we mentioned before, the real key to this yoyo, is that it has a clutch system that when the yoyo slows down it will come back up all by itself. That makes it a little bit easier for people just getting into yoyoing. What other kinds of tricks is is it good for? One thing that is kind of nice about it is that it is the shape of a looping yoyo. What this means is that besides just your basic tricks, like your picture tricks – it sleeps long enough to do those as you can see – Walk the Dog, things like that, just learning how to Sleep and Wind the Yoyo Back Up, it is actually really good for learning the basic Looping Tricks. Because of the clutch system, it is not going to be the type of thing that you are going to want to use for two-handing tricks, but if you are in that beginner category and you just want to try out a bunch of different tricks, the Brain is not half bad for beginner tricks, picture tricks, and looping tricks.

What is is not good for are string tricks. Part of the reason for that is just the clutch mechanism. You are going to be in the middle of a whole bunch of your tricks and the yoyo is going to come back on you and that can be really, really frustrating. The other thing is that it uses a transaxle system. Transaxles are not nearly as smooth on the string as a ball bearing yoyo. Any type of transaxle, whether it is a Yomega Brain, or even a Fireball, they are just not going to be great for learning your string tricks.

If you are a beginner, usually you can get maybe 10-15 seconds of spin out of this once you have a really good throw, and that is plenty of time for any of your picture tricks, any of your beginner tricks. Like I said it does your looping tricks pretty well. You can do Around the World. For all those reasons it is a pretty good yoyo, again, for beginners.

For the Yomega Brain we recommend using blended string, the 50% cotton 50% polyester. That is just because it has a nice feel. It is going to last a lot longer than a cotton string. Really, whatever string you have on hand. It is not like you are going to be doing super advanced tricks with the Brain, so you might not even notice a difference. But if you have to buy some new string to replace it that is a pretty good way to go. That’s why we recommend the blended string, 50% cotton 50% polyester.

The only other thing you are going to need to do besides changing the string on this yoyo to is – especially if you are going to be doing your looping tricks – is you are going to want to lubricate the axle right here every now and then. If you have just a little bit of lube right here, on the bolt – that is where this little plastic piece sits – you are going to find that it is a lot more responsive, a lot better for looping tricks. We recommend a medium lube, like Super Lube, that we have on the website. That will just keep it playing really well.

When you lube it you want to make sure to keep this little o-ring perfectly dry. If that gets oiled up then the clutch system, when it tries to grab it, it’s not going to be able to grab it very well, so it might not come back up automatically.

The only modification we have for this yoyo is, if you are getting a little bit better, but you are kind of frustrated with the clutch system, you can actually remove this black o-ring right here. If you remove that o-ring the yoyo may end up sleeping about twice as long because it is not going to come back before the spin dies. It will basically be just like a Yomega Fireball, which only has this little plastic piece; it does not have the clutch system. That can be kind of nice if you are working on some more advanced tricks with this yoyo and you are just getting tired of it coming back up automatically. Just remove that black o-ring and the yoyo will function… it will still be perfectly fine, but you will have to pull it up – it won’t come back up automatically.

So that is how you maintain, and a quick mod recommendation for the Yomega Brain.

To sum up, this is the yoyo for the absolute beginner. If you have tried yoyoing and have failed miserably every time, this is the yoyo for you. Or if you have got a yoyo for a young child who seems to be interested in yoyoing, this is a great way to go.

This is not the yoyo for you if you can already throw a good sleeper, if you can already do some basic tricks. Again, if you are interested a more high-quality yoyo, we recommend a ball bearing yoyo. On YoTricks we have our started category, we have a lot of different yoyos in there for all the different categories, which will be much better for you than this one.

Like I said, if you fit in that absolute beginner category, this is just a great way to go, and you really can’t top it as far as yoyos go.

This is the Yomega Brain.

There are no yoyo tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your yoyo.

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