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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

  • Response Type
  • Weight
    64.6 grams
  • Diameter
    55.48 mm
  • Width
    45.54 mm
  • Gap Width

We apologize for the delayed release of Koi and Vulture. When we released the exclusive green+black acidwash vulture on 5/10, we found out a couple are not dead smooth and fell short of the high yoyofriends standards. We immediately checked the entire stock from the yoyofriends store and asked other retailers to test their stock. They said the vast majority, almost all of them are dead smooth and only a very few have a slight finger nail vibe that is barely noticeable. We are glad this run is OK, however we strive to be the best in terms of quality. After initial discussion, we decided to have a 15% discount across all vulture worldwide this run. Thank you for your support. – yoyofriends

Manufacturer's Description of The Vulture Yoyo

Vulture is yoyofriends’ newest inner ring bimetal. Vulture features a classic composition of 7068 and stainless steel in a V/H shape that focuses on power, stability and flow. The stainless steel ring weight of Vulture is around 16g, a 50%+ increase from our previous inner ring release.

Vulture pushes the limit of performance and weight distribution for an inner ring bimetal. The name is inspired by the striking look of the bird and the classic spiderman villain, which signifies power, strength. maneuverability

Additional information

Weight 132 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.25 in
Vulture Yoyo Colors

YoTricks Edition Vulture Yoyo, Light Blue with SS Rings Vulture Yoyo, Purple with SS Rings Vulture Yoyo, Dark Oak with SS Rings Vulture Yoyo, Lazuli Blue with SS Rings Vulture Yoyo, Red Purple Fade with Black Rings Vulture Yoyo, Orange Yellow Fade with Black Rings Vulture Yoyo, Blue Red Acid Wash with SS Rings Vulture Yoyo, Pink Blue Splash with Rainbow Rings Vulture Yoyo, Emerald Green with Rainbow Rings Vulture Yoyo

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