Winter Solstice Yoyo YoTricks Edition
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YoYoTricks.com Winter Solstice Yoyo Review

Everyone knows there is no such thing as the one perfect yoyo. With the Solstice yoyo we discovered that’s because it takes two! Introducing the Winter and Summer Solstice yoyos by Throwback Skill Toys.

The Story

After the popularity and wild success of our first yoyo designed for fun and casual play, the Arcade, we turned our focus to a more competitive design – we wanted a yoyo that was built for speed, power, and the most wild tricks you could think of. We started with a wider-than-most design to make it great for horizontal and risky 1A maneuvers. For aesthetics, we added a few accent step-lines in the profile, recalling the popular Forge yoyo our team designed with Sengoku a few years back. We wanted to make it excellent for all kinds of grind tricks so we gave it a silky smooth blasted finish, and a finger spin hub.

When we had the yoyo prototyped, it came back perfect. It was everything we wanted.

But we wondered if we could make it better.

For the second prototype we hollowed out the bowl in the cup and simplified the finger spin shape to remove center weight. We took that weight and added it to the wider and more substantial rims. More rim weight = more power. We sent it away. It too came back perfect.

Perfect means different things to different people. Like the yearly solstices that mark the longest day and the longest night, with this yoyo you get to choose your perfection. If you’re like us, it depends on your mood, the time of day, the time of year, or whatever tricks you’re currently working on. Sometimes it takes more than one design to find perfection.

The Winter Solstice emphasizes control for speedy play. A more balanced weight profile keeps the yoyo on plane when doing big maneuvers, and its nuanced finger spin design makes it one of the easiest metal yoyo we have ever used for learning and perfecting finger spins.

The Summer Solstice emphasizes power. Thicker and wider rims add weight just where you want it for longer spins and more forgiving play on the string.

Both yoyos are excellent for every kind of grind maneuver. Both yoyos are on the lighter side of yoyo designs today making them extra speedy when perfecting your speed combos. Both yoyos feature the VIP yoyo bearing, our custom designed bearing for tight binds and heavy string loads. Both yoyos are comfortable to throw and catch, aesthetically beautiful, expertly crafted.

The Solstice yoyo! What team are you on? Team Winter or Team Summer? Can’t choose? Get the Dual Season pack and get the best of both!

Additional information

Weight 79 g
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 2.25 in
Winter Solstice Yoyo Color

Winter Solstice Yoyo YoTricks Edition, Winter Solstice Yoyo Gold, Winter Solstice Yoyo Pink, Winter Solstice Yoyo Black, Winter Solstice Yoyo Blue Aqua Fade (Add $5), Winter Solstice Yoyo Black Silver Fade Gold Splash (Add $5), Winter Solstice Yoyo Punk Galaxy (Add $5), Winter Solstice Yoyo Galaxy (Add $5), B-GRADE Winter Solstice Yoyo Black Silver Fade Gold Splash, B-GRADE Winter Solstice Yoyo Pink, B-GRADE Winter Solstice Yoyo Gold, B-GRADE Winter Solstice Blue Aqua Fade, Mystic (Purple Dark Purple Half Swap) Winter Solstice Yoyo, Cinnamon (Red Dark Red Half Swap) Winter Solstice Yoyo, Obsidian (Black Charcoal Half Swap) Winter Solstice Yoyo, B-GRADE Winter Solstice Yoyo Mystic, B-GRADE Winter Solstice Yoyo Cinnamon, B-GRADE Winter Solstice Yoyo Obsidian, Red Black Acidwash Silver Splash Winter Solstice Yoyo, Red with Black Aqua Splash Winter Solstice Yoyo, Silver with Rainbow Splash Winter Solstice Yoyo, Galaxy Winter Solstice Yoyo

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