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Learn the most basic Pill Stall tricks, Bird, and its cap side variation, Stilt.

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Pill Stalls: Bird and Stilt Kendama Trick
In this video, I am going to teach you the trick called Bird. It looks like this:

I am also going to teach you the cap side version, called Stilt, which looks like this:

These are the fundamental stall tricks on the pill. Before you learn them, you are going to want to go check out our video called Pill Fundamental Tricks. Especially make sure that you know how to do the pull spike, because that is essential for all these tricks.

To do Bird, what we are going to do is, first thing, hold the base. You are going to want to angle the spike away from you. It is a good idea to just practice balancing. So take the cap and hold it so that the rim, the bottom of it, is flat and parallel to the ground. You are going to set the hole of the cap on to the rim of the base, and balance the edge of the cap onto the spike. Between the spike and the rim on the base, we can balance the cap. Again you want to make sure that the cap is flat, parallel to the ground. From here, just kind of practice. Bend your knees, move around. Make sure that you can really balance the trick like this before you move on.

Once you are comfortable with that, what you are going to do is, you are going to do a pull spike motion. You are going to bend your knees, use your knees to pull the cap up. Make sure that you have a really straight pull up, so you are not pulling to the side and causing the cap to turn, but so it stays very straight. Once it gets to the level of your hand, you are going to bring the base underneath. Create that angle and land the cap onto the base. The biggest tip for this is to make sure that you use your knees to cushion the catch. That way it does not bounce off. Once you have mastered the trick, you can start changing the angle of the spike, so you can point it away from you, point it towards yourself, or to the side in either direction. You can perform the trick in a variety of different ways.

Once you have gotten that down, you can move on to the cap side version, which is called Stilt. Some players actually find this trick to be easier. If you are having a hard time, it is not a bad idea to learn this one first. For this trick, we are going to hold the cap in our hand instead of the base. It is going to be the same thing, we are going to do a pull spike motion. You want to make sure the spike stays pointed down. When it gets to the level of your hand, you are going to slide the cap underneath and catch the rim of the base on the rim of the cap. Rest the spike against the side of the cap. This is going to anchor in the base so that you can balance it. Just like before, it might be a good idea to just set the base on there and practice balancing like this. Make sure that you have got that down. Of course, the same thing applies, where you want to make sure you have got your knees and you are able to catch.

For both of these tricks, you can end them in a variety of ways by going into other tricks. One of the simplest ways for bird is to just pop it up and slide the spike under. The same is true for Stilt, you can pop it up and slide that spike under. Also you can combine them by performing a Bird, then flipping the cap like in a cap flip, and catching a Bird again, or doing a Stilt to a flip and another stilt. So there are lots of things that you can work on once you have got  them down. That is how you do Bird and Stilt.

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