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Learn to do the Pill Down Spike.

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Pill Down Spike Kendama Trick
In this video, I am going to teach you how to do Down Spike, which looks like this, and the cap side variation, which looks like this. Before you get started with these tricks, you want to make sure that you know how to do all of the pill fundamentals, and it is also helpful to make sure that you learned how to do the side spike. A lot of the same tips apply and the side spike is a little easier to learn than the down spike. So if you have not already, check out those videos. To start off, we are going to let the cap hang down and hold the base. We are going to modify the grip. We are actually going to reverse it so that when we hold the base, the spike is pointing straight down. We want to have the string dangling over our fingers like that. That is important because it helps keep the string out of the way during the trick. Just like a normal pull spike, you are going to use your knees to bend down. Like in the side spike, we are going to move our hand to the side. That will get the cap to rotate. You want to practice getting a nice slow rotation so that the cap has the hole pointing straight up. Once it is pointing straight up, you are going to spike downwards. As soon as you get that spike, you want to turn your hand over as quickly as you can because if you do not, the cap will fall off. So that is kind of the biggest thing you have to worry about, getting that timing of spiking and turning your hand over. The big tip that is going to help is, try not to spike from really far away. That makes aiming hard. If you can keep the spike as close to the cap as you can, then you will be able to aim better. It also helps with being able to turn the hand over at the right time. Once you have got that down, you can move on to the cap side variation. We are going to hold the cap and again, we are going to reverse the grip so that when we hold the cap, the hole is pointing straight down. Again, the string comes our around our fingers like this. You want to practice just a little bit, get used to pulling the base up and getting a nice slow rotation so that the spike is pulling straight up. Once you have it pulling straight up, you are going to land this cap right on the spike and again, you have to turn your hand over. The same tips apply, trying to keep the cap and the base as close together as you can when you are doing the trick. Just practice those a little bit. Once you get them down, that is how you do down spike and cap side down spike.

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