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The Pill


Replacement Kendama String


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The Terra Pill Kendama Players Pack comes with everything you need to allow the Terra Pill Kendama to play as good as possible. Included in the pack is our own Spike Armor, designed to dramatically extend the life of wooden kendamas. A three pack of replacement string has also been included, available in a variety of colors.

The Terra Pill Kendama Players Pack includes:

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Weight 190 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 3 in

The Pill

Terra Pill Kendama Colors

Exotic – Purpleheart Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Exotic – Zebrano Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Exotic – Natural Beech Terra Pill Kendama, Exotic – Wenge Terra Pill Kendama, Exotic – Padauk Terra Pill Kendama, Gloss Gold Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Blue Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Bamboo Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Red Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Green Terra Pill Kendama

Replacement Kendama String

Replacement Kendama String Colors

Rainbow Replacement Kendama String, Blue/Orange/Green Replacement Kendama String, Red/Black/Pink Replacement Kendama String

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