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Learn The Great Pumpkin trick with The Pill.

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The Great Pumpkin Pill Trick Kendama Trick
This trick is called The Great Pumpkin, it looks like this:

Before you do this trick, you want to make sure that you know how to do Side Spike, because the trick starts with that. The first thing you are going to do is grab the base. Let the cap hang down. It is kind of important with this trick that you have your non dominant leg a little bit in front because we are going to throw the Pill underneath that.

Then what you are going to do from here is start by performing a Side Spike. The only difference is that we are going to do a double rotation on the Side Spike. To do that, you want to make sure that you bend down and pull up a little higher than normal. You are going to pull a little harder to the side, and you will see that gets the cap to rotate extra turns. So you just want to practice that. You want the hole to come to this point two times. So you should pull it up, one rotation, two rotations, and then we are going to spike it. Just practice that. Get used to it, you will kind of notice that a lot of times the cap might come over to this side. That is normal, you just have to follow it. Use your feet to move around to get next to it so that you can still side spike it.

One tip that will help is that a lot of times, you may notice that you have to spike the cap when it is off to the side and you can not see the hole. The trick to doing that is you want to find where the string comes out of the cap and as you find that hole, you will know that the hole you need to spike is directly on the opposite side. So what I like to do is track where the string comes out of the cap. Then I just aim for the opposite part of that to land my spike.

Once you have got that part down, you are going to land your spike and as soon as you do it, we want to lift up our opposite leg at the same time that we spike and bring the Pill underneath and toss it up. You will notice that doing that causes the two halves to separate. And what we are going to want to do is catch the cap in our dominant hand, and the base in our non-dominant hand. From here you are going to bend your knees and come up. You are going to give a light toss to the cap. You want to practice getting it so you can toss it up and get that hole to come straight down. At the same time you do that, you are going to switch the base into your dominant hand. Since the hole is now pointing down, you can land it right on the spike.

From here, the next part you are going to do is toss the cap into your non dominant hand, out. It is usually best to try and toss so that the hole is pointing upwards. You are going to use your knees to stall it and then throw it right back. When you throw it back, you are just going to throw the cap onto the spike. You just want to practice that, put all those elements together, get them connected real smooth, and once you have got that, that is The Great Pumpkin.

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