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YoYoTricks.com The Pill Review

The Pill is a relatively new innovation in the kendama world. In one sense, it is a simplification of the kendama concept. In another, it is more complex test of one’s discipline and is a skill toy of equally deserved devotion from both new players and veterans alike. In fact, some of our team at LearnKendama.com prefer to play with the Pill over a traditional kendama.

Manufactured in the shape of a pill, the Pill comes with two halves. The top halve has a hole in it and is akin to the tama on a standard kendama. The bottom half takes its bearings from the ken on the kendama, although it noticeably has no cups, it features the iconic spike.

If you have already learned a number of tricks on a standard kendama, you’ll be surprised to find that, with a little adjustment, a lot of tricks can be easily translated to the Pill. In addition, if you’re a new player, or even and seasoned kendama player, you will find that Pill is easy to get started on and fun to master. With its simply design it is a great toy for people of ages to enjoy.

The Pill is an incredibly simple and intuitive toy that everyone can find a way to enjoy and yet, it invites one to explore new realms of creativity, and to push the bounds of complexity on one of the world’s simplest toys.

Manufacturer's Description of The The Pill

The Pill is a toy we invented that will test your coordination, dexterity and creativity. The design is simple, while still allowing for many different types of tricks. If you enjoy satisfying spikes, well-balanced spacewalk lines, tricky balances, and creative string tricks, then perhaps the pill is just what you’ve been craving.

Additional information

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.75 × 2.75 in
Terra Pill Kendama Colors

Any Color Terra Pill Kendama Colors – Surprise Me!, Painted – Burnt Red Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Painted – Apricot Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Exotic – Purpleheart Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Exotic – Zebrano Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Painted – Blue Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Painted – Purple Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Painted – Green Terra Pill Kendama Colors, Exotic – Natural Beech Terra Pill Kendama, Exotic – Bamboo Terra Pill Kendama, Exotic – Wenge Terra Pill Kendama, Exotic – Padauk Terra Pill Kendama, Gloss Gold Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Blue Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Bamboo Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Red Terra Pill Kendama, Midsize Green Terra Pill Kendama

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