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Learn how to do the Assisted Brain-Scrambler 3A yoyo trick.

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Assisted Brain-Scrambler Yoyo Trick
This trick is called the Assisted Brain-Scrambler. It looks like this.

To do this trick you are going to start by getting into your Assisted Front-Mount. Use that hand wrap, mount the yoyo, then you want to swing out and swing the yoyo around. You can dismount just like you normally would and bring the yoyos back to your hand.

You will find that the Assisted Brain-Scrambler is just like your normal Brain-Scrambler. It is a lot easier to do the trick, rather than mounting, stopping, and then swinging out and trying to get more momentum, it’s easier if you just mount the yoyo and use that momentum from the mount to start the swinging process.

Also, you will want to make sure that your non-dominant-hand is circling around your dominant-hand. If your fingers stay together, the yoyos will just wrap around your fingers and get into a big knot.

Finally, you will find that the trick is a little difficult to do if your hand wrap is too short. If your string is really short like this you will find that your dominant hand hits the yoyo and keeps stopping the spin. You may want to undo one of your wraps so that the yoyo hangs down a little lower.

The trick will take some experimenting and practice, but eventually you will get it down. Here it is one more time from the side.

That’s the Assisted Brain-Scrambler.

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