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Learn the 3A Yoyo Trick Shima Wraps AKA Wrist Rolls.

Shima Wraps AKA Wrist Rolls Yoyo Trick
This trick is called the Shima Wrap. It looks like this.

We are going to break this trick down into two stages. In the first stage you are going to do a Keychain with your non-dominant hand. You can do that just by getting into a Front-Mount stick your finger in, practice that Keychain, let it drop down.

Once you are comfortable you can move onto the next part. What we are going to do is throw a Trapeze over our non-dominant wrist. You get right into that Trapeze Mount, do a Reverse Flip, dismount, let it fall off. It is a lot like your normal Trapeze. It takes a slight adjustment because you are not doing the Reverse Flip over your finger. You have to get used to doing it right over your wrist. Try to get it in one fluid motion. You get that mount, that flip, and that dismount.

Once you’ve got those two elements together you can combine them to create the whole trick. It looks like this. Get into your Keychain mount, do your Trapeze over your wrist, and you are going to do your Keychain flip, and Reverse Flip and dismount at the same time. Just like that. You can just drop the yoyos and bring them both back to your hand.

That’s the Shima Wrap.

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