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Learn the 3A wrap trick known as Flame Wheel.

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Flame Wheel Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Flame Wheel. It looks like this:

Before you learn this trick, you want to make sure that you know how to do Shima Wraps, because that is essential to this trick, we use a lot of the same tips and you are going to perform a Shima Wrap at the very end.

To start it off, you want to practice with your dominant hand. What you are going to do is throw a trapeze over your non dominant hand, over the wrist. Then you are going to perform a Whip to Kamikaze mount like that. the first step from here, you are going to roll over your index finger. You can see there is two strings. We are going to continue the momentum rolling over the wrist and land onto the front string. Then you are going to pull out of your index finger and perform one roll away from you. Then do a flip. Pull it over in the same direction. Then dismount. It will take a little bit of getting used to doing the trick that way, since it is over your wrist. Once you feel comfortable, you will add in the non dominant hand. All the non dominant hand is going to do is a keychain. You are going to do two towards yourself and then you are going to do two away from yourself. The difficult part is really the timing. You have to do two towards yourself, and in the middle of the trick we switch directions and you have to do two away from yourself. Once you have got it, you are just going to put things together. Set up just like you would with Shima Wrap, do your whip. You are going to do the keychain and go over your index finger. Do a keychain again and land on that front string. Then you are going to flip both yoyos that way. Perform a Shima Wrap. Dismount the yoyo. Then bring back to your hands however you like. Again, the timing takes a little bit of practice, but once you have got the timing down, that is how you do Flame Wheel.

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