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Learn how to do the 3A yoyo trick the One-and-a-Half Kink-Mount.

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One-and-a-Half Kink-Mount Yoyo Trick
This trick is called the One-and-a-Half Kink-Mount. It looks like this.

The One-and-a-Half Kink-Mount is really just a One-and-a-Half Mount with both hands, and they are connected together by what is called a “kink”. This means that the strings on both yoyos are actually twisted together.

To do this trick start by throwing a Breakaway with your non-dominant-hand, then using your dominant hand mount a One-and-a-Half Mount around your wrist. Before you go any further, I suggest practicing that One-and-a-Half Mount, because it is a little different than a normal One-and-a-Half Mount, which is done around your finger. It takes a slight adjustment to get used to mounting around your wrist. Once you feel comfortable with it, you are ready to move on.

So again, throw a Breakaway with your non-dominant-hand, mount a One-and-a-Half Mount around your wrist, then pull your non-dominant-hand through the loop – that creates a kink – and you can mount your non-dominant-yoyo in a One-and-a-Half Mount as well.

To dismount drop both yoyos, but at the same time swing your dominant-hand forward, and that will undo the kink and allow you to bring both yoyos back to your hands successfully.

A second way to dismount from this trick, which adds a little more style, is actually to take your dominant hand – when it is in the mount – swinging it to the outside, and then throw it behind your non-dominant yoyo. That looks like this. Get in your mount. Swing, throw it around dropping both yoyos at the same time.

Here the trick is again from the side. Breakaway, One-and-a-Half Mount around your wrist, pull your hand through, mount both yoyos, swing your dominant hand around, and dismount.

That’s the One-and-a-Half Kink-Mount.

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