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Incendio is a flashy way to get into a 1.5 kink mount.

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Incendio Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you the trick Incendio. It looks like this:

Just like that. As you can see, this is just a different way to get into your 1.5 kink mount. It is really great for combining different tricks. I will show you how to get from a simple wrap into Incendio, so that you can combine it into a long combo. But first, let us break down the trick.

First thing you are going to do, if we take our dominant hand, we are going to throw a breakaway. We are going to mount the yoyo over our opposite wrist, and then over our index finger. This is a Trapeze and his Brother mount with our wrist through it. What we are going to do is actually unmount the yoyo, and use the momentum to go into a World Tour, which is an Around the World in front of your body.

With our non dominant hand, we are going to do a Gunslinger. We are going to do the same thing, we are going to throw it around the outside and do a World Tour, the sideways Around the World, in the same direction that we do with our dominant hand. So it is important that both yoyos are moving in the same direction.

The other thing is we are going to borrow from 2A, a terminology video about Rhythm and Tempo, which is when you have got the yoyos going in their around the worlds, we want to try to get in Half Time. So one yoyo is here, the other is on the completely opposite side. If you are having a hard time with that, it is also ok to do it in Quarter Time, so they follow one another. The one thing that will not work is if the yoyos are the same, in same time. That will cause the kink to not come out right, it will probably knot the yoyos up. So it is important to try to get that Half Time when the yoyos are completely on opposite ends.

So to get the timing of the trick right, what you are going to want to do is get into your Gunslinger mount, mount your dominant yoyo over the wrist. As you dismount, and that yoyo starts to come upwards, I will show you that again. Dismount and it gets to the point where it is coming above your head, at the same time you are going to take your non dominant hand and throw it straight down. You will find that when you do that, that causes the yoyos to be at completely opposite ends.

From there, if you keep your dominant hand behind, that will cause the strings to kink up. You can use pinwheels to help slow the momentum if you need to. And then mount into your 1.5 kink mount. From there you can do whatever trick, or dismount however you like.

Now, you are probably wondering: “How do I use this in a combo?” The easiest way to do that is to actually do the trick Shima Wrap. If you get into that, do your normal Shima Wrap, you will find that you can continue the momentum of the yoyo dismounting over your wrist. You will land, if you mount it right where Incendio begins. So from there of course we can combine Shima Wrap into the trick Incendio to give it a nice little flourish at the end, and of course make your combos longer. So once you have got that down, that is how you do Incendio.

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