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What kendama is that?

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Learn the kendama trick Base Cup.

Kendama In This Video:

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Base Cup Kendama Trick
In this video I’m going to teach you how to catch the tama on the base cup. Just like that. Before you learn this trick you want to make sure you’ve watched our videos on how to catch the tama on the Small Cup and Big Cup because we’re going to use a lot of the same techniques. To start with you’re going to want to get in your Sara Grip, which you can learn about in the video How to Hold the Kendama.

Now to do this you want to point the spike downward, lift up, catch it on the base cup, and that’s the trick. Once you’ve got that down you’re also going to want to practice in your Ken Grip. And this is a little bit different because as the tama is coming up you want to rotate your hand and point the spike downward and your hand out away from you so that the base cup gets leveled off and you catch the tama. Just like that.

And in previous videos what we’ve taught is that you want to use your knees to lift the tama, and we’re going to change that a little bit now. You still want to use your knees to lift the tama but you also want to add a pushing movement with your hand away from you as your lifting, you’ll notice that that will change the direction that the hole is point at. And this is important because as you combine this with tricks, you’ll notice that you can get the hole to face you during a cup trick and this is important because it will set you up later for your spikes.

Once you’ve got that down you can start to revisit your Small Cup and your Big Cup, applying the same technique, pushing out, landing on the cup getting that hole to face you. And again you can also practice on your big cup.

Now ideally the position that you want is either the hole is facing you or that it is pointed a little bit, as this will set you up the best for future tricks. And once you’ve got everything you can start to put it together going from Small Cup to Big Cup to Base Cup, just like this. And again, practice getting that hole controlled so that it’s facing you and down at just a slight angle.

And that is how you catch the tama on the base cup!

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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