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Learn how to do the Zero Gravity Kendama trick. 

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Zero Gravity Kendama Trick
In this video we are going to be learning the kendama trick known as Zero Gravity, it looks like this.

Now in order to do this trick, you want to make sure you know Penguin Catch, so if you do not know that trick, make sure you go back and check out our previous videos on that one. To start this trick off, you are going to hold it in a standard ken grip and you want to catch it on base cup like this. Then the trick really involves using your knees to make it a lot easier so what you want to do is you actually want your knees bent already and in this trick you are going to be using your body to lift up the tama and you are going to be using the ken to follow the tama all the way in a circle and you are going to land back into a penguin catch. So you should never see the tama leave the ken if you follow it properly. To give you an example of this you are going to go really big and you are going to go really slow, you can see that my ken is actually following the tama the entire time as it is rising and as it is falling, the reason this works is because when you are rising up with it you can see that the tama is going up without my arm moving at all. Because of this you are just going to follow it with the ken and then when it reaches the top you can see it starts to fall so then you are just going to follow the tama all the way back down as it is falling and you are going to scoop the ken underneath the tama so then you can land it in a penguin catch just like this.

So there is a couple of different ways you can end the trick, you can either just pop it up and catch it in back the base cup and do a small little repeater like this, you can also toss the entire kendama up and re-catch it in a sara grip base cup like this, you can also do it to the reverse way once you complete it and you are in the penguin catch, you can land all the way back the way you started, and once you are comfortable doing this motion in the big circle you can try different ways as well, you can do it really small and really fast, like that. You can also even go straight up and down, the trick is really just to follow the tama the whole time, because you can really see the force which gravity causes the tama to rise then fall, once you practice this a lot you can really get the hang for that and it allows you to do it a lot of different ways. You can see that I am using my knees this whole time to really allow this trick to not only look awesome but to be performed well as well. That is how you do Zero Gravity.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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