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Learn the kendama trick Turntable.

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Turntable Kendama Trick
In this video, we’re going to be learning the trick known as Turntable. It looks like this.

In order to do this trick, you want to hold the ken with three fingers. You’re going to start with your index finger pointed in towards the small cup. Make sure it’s not flat or else it makes it really difficult to rotate the ken.

You’re also going to use your middle and your thumb to hold the sides of the small cup. All together it will look like this.

Once you feel comfortable with this grip you want to pull the ball onto the big cup by swinging it to the side like this. You’ll see that the string goes on the side of the ken where my hand is not. That way the string doesn’t get caught when you’re rotating it because sometimes if you do just a straight pull up, like that, you’ll see the string gets wrapped around my fingers and that makes it a lot more difficult to rotate the ken.

Once you feel comfortable pulling the ball up and you have your grip down you’re going to want to start with you knees already bent. You want to give it a small rotation, and you want to go moderately quick because if you go to slow it will fall off and it won’t have enough speed to fully rotate. If you go to fast the ken will just fly out of your hands. You want to find that happy medium between the two, and take some time because it is a difficult trick.

Start with your knees bent and you bend up as you rotate and bend back down to catch it. That way you have a lot of control and it keeps everything slow and the ball will stay on the cup the whole time.

To end the trick, tilt up and land on the spike. And that is how you do Turntable.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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