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Sidewinder / Slight Adjustment yoyo trick video.

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Sidewinder Yoyo Trick
This trick I am going to show you is called the Sidewinder; it looks like this.

Now, this trick is useful when you are two-handing to do slight-adjustments to string tension when you don’t really want to take the time to do a UFO or you just don’t want something that big in your routine.

This trick, when you throw the yoyo off to the right it loosens the string, when you throw it to the left it tightens it.

So this is how you do it: First thing, you want to throw a good sleeper. While the yoyo is sleeping you are actually going to move the yoyo either off to the right or left depending on whether you want the string to be looser or tighter. You just want to push it off really slow. Kind of like this. When the yoyo reaches right about at its height you are going to take your hand and you are going to pull it towards yourself – just a little bit. That will cause the yoyo to go just a little bit higher and hopefully to even out with the level of your hand. If that happens then the string is going to spin out and that will cause the string to get looser or tighter. So, this is how it looks to the outside. Just like that. You can also do it to the inside. Just like that.

This is a two-handed trick so you want to make sure to master it not only with your right-hand, but also with your opposite hand, or vice-verse if you are left-handed.

That’s the Sidewinder.

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