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Learn Crossover Milk the Cow yoyo tricks.

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Crossover Milk the Cow Yoyo Trick
This is Crossover Milk the Cow, and it looks like this.

To practice this trick, a lot of the ideas that you used to practice your Crossover Loops are going to also apply here. With one hand just do Hop the Fence, and then try to hop it over your other hand like so. Then, work on it with the other hand as well.

You will notice as I do this, you will notice that there is a certain separation with my hands. This is about the distance that the hands are going to be apart when you actually do the crossover. You don’t want to actually loop it with one hand on top of the other, like that. You want to have a bit of a separation, so that you can have a little bit more room to cross them over.

Once you do that, try just practicing with two hands to crossover once, and then continue doing crossover Milk the Cow, like this. Make sure you learn how to do it with left hand over right, and right hand over left. Once you have that, then try crossing it over and over again on the same side. You can go right over left like this, and left over right like this. After you get that down, then try to combine them together. Right over left, and left over right.

Just keep practicing different motions and try to add repetitions, and just make sure that you break the routine, and try different combinations of crossing your arms over, keeping your arms crossed, and left over right, and right over left.

Other than that, that is Crossarm Milk the Cow.

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