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Learn how to do the 3 Beat Around the World Two-Handed Yoyo Trick.

3 Beat Around the World Yoyo Trick
This trick is called 3 Beat Around the World, and it looks like this.

This is a variation of a type of skill toy called Poi, where they call it the 3 Beat Weave. That is why it is called 3 Beat Around the World here.

In order to learn this trick, it is a good idea to start with dead yoyos. You are going to want to get the motion of the yoyos down before you even try it spinning. Another thing to try when you are first learning the trick is to shorten your strings. You are going to be crossing the Around the Worlds from one side to the other side of your body. When your string length is shorter you will have more control over making sure that it gets to the opposite side of your body and making sure that it does not hit you if it does not cross all the way over. It is a good idea to practice the trick with shorter strings.

You are going to start by practicing Crossover Around the Worlds. You are going to do it by just bringing one hand over the other. In this variation, I always have my right hand going over my left hand when it crosses over. After you get that comfortably you want to try to do it with your left hand going over your right hand, like this.

In order to get the 3 Beat Weave down it’s really just you combining those two different trick together, bringing the right hand over the left and the left hand over the right. You are just going to add an extra Around the World on each side of your body and it is essentially just switching back and forth between the different type of Crossover Around the Worlds. Your yoyos are going to crossover to the other side with an extra Around the World later than usual.

After you get it down normally go ahead and try to work on keeping it on a plane; making sure that your Around the Worlds don’t get too crossed like this; making sure it is as narrow around your body as possible; making sure that just enough crosses over to the other side of your body, but not going way too far like this.

After you get that down then you can try to do it with it spinning. When you try it spinning you want to try to do maybe one repetition, so maybe try to do one crossover and then hit a 3 Beat Weave on the other side like that. After you establish it go ahead and keep trying to keep the yoyos on plane as much as possible. That’s the 3 Beat Around the World.

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