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Learn how to do the two-handed tricks Milk the Cow and Cattle Crossing.

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Milk the Cow / Cattle Crossing Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you two tricks: Milk the Cow and Cattle Crossing. They are very similar. In both tricks all you are really doing is hop the fence with two hands. This is Milk the Cow. For Cattle Crossing all you are going to do is take the yoyos and cross the strings, just like this.

Really, if you have seen the tricks you kind of already understand what to do. I’ll give you a couple of tips that will make the trick a little bit easier to learn. If you have already been learning your two-handed looping tricks, then the lessons you learned there apply here. Just like with two-handed looping it might be a little bit easier to start with two yoyos at the same time. Eventually you want to alternate them.

The same thing is true when you do Milk the Cow. It might be easier for you to start with two at a time. Eventually, you really just want to get into alternating them, because this is how the trick is properly done.

To get into Cattle Crossing, what you are actually going to do is you are going to angle the yoyos in, just like this. What that will allow you to do is to cross the strings, just like you saw. You want to make sure that you have the alternating loops down really well before you start trying this. You also want to make sure that you have the angled loop down pretty well too. That can be, actually, pretty challenging to learn, and to do really well.

Once you’ve got that you are ready to learn Cattle Crossing. What I like to do, is, instead of going right into it – even though you can – I usually start with Milk the Cow. That allow me to get the yoyos under control a little bit, and then I can start slowly easing them in, so that I can cross them; just like this.

You want to make sure that your hands are actually close enough together so that when when you are doing the trick actually do cross. Otherwise, if they are too far apart then it won’t look like the strings are crossing and it will just look like Milk the Cow.

Anyway, once you get it, just keep working on it. Like I said, that angled loop can be pretty challenging to learn, but once you get over that they are pretty great tricks, and a good addition to your two-handed yoyoing.

So that is Milk the Cow and Cattle Crossing.

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