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How to do the yoyo trick Horizontal Boingy-Boings in 4A Offstring.

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Horizontal Boingy-Boing Yoyo Trick
This is the Offstring Horizontal Boingy-Boing, and it looks like this.

You will notice I am wearing a glove. When you practice this trick for a certain amount of time it ends up burning your fingers. You can get this glove at YoTricks.com, and I recommend you wear it as you practice this trick.

One of the things that you are going to need to work on before working on the Horizontal Boingy-Boing is to make sure you know the regular 1A Boingy-Boings, you are going to want to know the 1A Over-Under Boingy-Boings, and you are also going to want to know the Offstring Vertical Boingy-Boing. After learning those three tricks, then you can work on the following.

What you are going to do to start, is you are just going to pass it under your non-dominant hand, and just make the bouncing motion, like you would in the Over-Under. Just keep bouncing it like this. Eventually, once you get the motion down, then try to make it go over the top of your non-dominant hand. So just one bounce above the fingers. So you will notice I am bouncing off the back string, like so, then practice hitting it off the front string as well. Go over the top and hit the front string. Once you get used to both the back and the front then try adding two repetitions, like so. After you keep doing that, you keep building up your repetitions. Until you can do it indefinitely.

Another thing, actually, a few tips is to make sure that when you are doing it you want it to be as close to your hand as possible. The reason is that it is hard to get it up in the air and get it to bounce in this section of the string. It is going to want to be brought down nearer your non-dominant hand. What you are actually going to do, is you are going to get it as close to your non-dominant hand as possible on the boings. It is going to be like you are aiming at your non-dominant hand and then you are just going to move your non-dominant hand out of the way as it passes through to the other side. That is why both hands are moving up and down continuously.

As you learn that, then try practicing letting it rise up into rising boingy-boings, like so. Once you can hit that variation you have Horizontal Boingy-Boings down.

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