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Learn how to do the Offstring 4A Yoyo Tricks Behind the Back Orbits.

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Behind the Back Orbits Yoyo Trick
This is Behind the Back Orbits and it looks like this. The principles to this trick are very similar to doing Leg Orbits. You are going to start off catching it behind the back like you would under the leg and then you are going to bring it over to your non-dominant side and then pop it over to your dominant side and just keep repeating the trick like so.

A couple tips for doing this trick, number one is you are really going to want to lean back so that way you can see your hands so that they are more in front of you than actually behind you, like this. Even though your hands are behind your back it really feels like your hands are in front of you when you do the trick. Your going to want to pop the yoyo up pretty high into the air, so that way you can watch it pass by over your head rather than across your eyes to the other side. It’s really tough to actually hit the trick when you pop it really low, because if you pop it really low it ends up going over to the outside of your body. Since you are already leaning back you won’t be able to move your legs forward to catch the yoyo. I suggest popping it really high and leaning back so that you make sure that the yoyo crosses across your body and not anywhere forward in front of you.

Once you master the orbit you can do a few variations with it. I’ll show you two of them here. You can start behind the back and then turn a half turn into each orbit. You can also incorporate Recaptures into it.  So you can do half turns and then do a recapture each time and then you can also put the orbits in between each of those recaptures or each of those catches.

Other than that, that is Behind the Back Orbits.

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