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Learn the Offstring throw based on the Forward Mount.

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Forward-Mount Throw Yoyo Trick
This trick is the Forward-Mount Throw. It looks like this.

Just like that. This trick is a pretty nice trick, because it actually gets the yoyo spinning on the string in the opposite direction and that allows you to do some of your tricks in a reverse motion and also opens up other possibilities, which we will get to in other tricks. It is really not that difficult once you understand how it works.

The one thing that really helps this trick work is, when you throw it, obviously the yoyo is going to go down, but you are going to throw the yoyo right over your hand – the string -and you are going to use this hand to move the string upward. If you can keep a nice steady motion and move the string upward faster than the yoyo is going down, then when the yoyo comes off the string it is actually going to be moving up as well. That will allow you to get your yoyo hand underneath the yoyo so that you can catch it on the string.

It is pretty important when you do this, that it is a very nice, smooth motion as you are lifting your hand up. You may have a tendency to feel like you have to do it really fast because the yoyo is going to come off the string. You don’t really want to do that, you just want to move it up nice and smooth; if you do it too fast, or if you hesitate when you do it or if you are not very smooth about it then it may cause the yoyo to bind up and it will just come right back and it won’t come off the string. If you find that happening, just focus on, maybe even throw it a little bit lighter. You don’t have to throw it very hard to get it to come off the string. Eventually when you get better at the motion you can try throwing it harder to get more spin on it.

Once you get the right motion and you get the right balance of throwing it down and pulling the string up, like I said it is not too difficult. It opens up a lot of Offstring possibilities. That is the Forward-Mount Toss.

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