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Learn a faster way to wind your offstring yoyo.

Fast Wind for Offstring Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do the fast wind up with an offstring yoyo. This is very similar to your fast wind up with your one-handed yoyo. You are just going to use your thumb on the yoyo; push down to get some spin on it; pull up with your top hand to get some more spin. With Offstring yoyos, of course, if you want to wind it up you are going to have to do your bind.

It really is just as simple as that, get some spin on it; bind the yoyo. If you want to do it a little bit faster, you can actually use your One-handed Bind. So, that looks like this. Just going to get it spinning; toss the yoyo forward; let the yoyo wind right up.

Because the yoyo is spinning a little bit slower, your technique has to be a little bit better. What I have found, is that when you swing the yoyo forward, pull back with your hand just a tiny bit so that the yoyo kind of rides up the bottom string, then it has a greater tendency to bind tighter and wind up a little bit better.

That will help if you want to do the fastest of these three binds I am going to show you, which is to use the momentum swinging forward with the yoyo to do the one-handed bind. That looks like this. Just like that. When you do that, again, you are going to swing the yoyo forward, you are going to pull back a little bit to make sure the string is taut, and you even want to pull up a little bit, and that will make that yoyo ride up against the bottom part of the string and wind up.

Really that’s it. It is just getting that spin on the yoyo and doing the binds you already know, and the tough part is really just getting enough spin and getting the technique down right. It is really all the same tricks you already know, so just put them together, and that is your fast wind for your offstring yoyos.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Yoyo Trick:

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