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Stay up to date with the latest yoyo news from YoYoTricks.com, this week Chris discusses the results of the 2017 Illinois State Contest, while Jake announces a huge restock of products including new colors of the iYoyo iCEBERG, the YoYoFactory Snowflake Collection, and more, also including the new wooden YYF Legend Wing yoyo.

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Weekly Yoyo Update: Yoyo Contest Results + HUGE Product Restock – 12-6-17 Yoyo Trick
Welcome back to the Weekly Yoyo Update, this is Christopher Chunn bringing all the latest yoyo news to you, on a bi-weekly basis.

Our top story this week involves the YoYoTricks.com website and store, where the interface has been given a complete overhaul, and international shipping prices have been slashed, with standard international shipping down to just $7.99, or free shipping on international orders over $100, just in time for the holidays.

The Illinois State Yoyo Contest was held just a few weekends ago at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair, on November 18th, and our very own Yoyo Contest Central youtube channel was there to provide complete coverage for the contest.

Once again, the man with two hands and a plan, Dennis Shatter, came out on top of the 2A division with a dramatic display of his skills. The 3A division was dominated with ease by Andrew Lim, while the 4A division featured performances from fellow 1A competitors, Chandler Steele and Connor Seals, with the latter coming out on top with an impressive display of his new offstring tricks. The 5A division was exciting to watch as Owen Ekblad took the stage for the first time since US Nationals, demonstrating some impressive new concepts but ultimately Jared Marcus took the top spot with great tricks in another smooth flowing routine.

But the division to watch this year was without a doubt, the 1A finals, where Mideast Regional Champion and Worlds finalist Chandler Steele took the top honor using the YoYoFactory Edge to deliver a consistent and exciting performance. Close friend and yoyofactory team mate Michael Stecz also impressed the crowd with his second place finish, using the Edge yoyo as well, which is fast becoming one of the most popular choices for competitive players. And Connor Seals, the reigning Illinois State 1A Title holder, rounded out the top 3.

In addition to prizes for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze contestants, premier sponsor YoYoFactory supplied awards for the highest scoring players in various age brackets.

In the 15-16 year old age bracket, up and coming competitor and fellow youtube personality Jonathan Theis put on a great show with highly developed Space Use and a really clean performance, using the Atlas yoyo. Check out Jonathan’s youtube channel for his own recap video about the event, and other high quality yoyo related videos.

The 13-14 year old bracket was taken up by YoyoFactory Shutter Crew member, Hunter Feuerstein, using the new Shutter Wide Angle to deliver an impressive performance with speed and accuracy.

The 11-12 age bracket award went to Tyler Brooks, who wowed the crowd and the judges, finishing overall in 4th place with calculated choreography and precision bangers.

And last, but certainly not least, winner of the 10 and under age bracket was the Downtown Plymouth Yoyo Club’s very own, Michael Roof, using the Yoyofactory Czechpoint Pivot to show great improvement in his second ever competition freestyle.

Congratulations to you Mikey, and congratulations to everybody who took part in this year’s Illinois State Yoyo Contest.

We took a look at the calendar, apparently it’s winter time – by the looks of things Santa’s sleigh is going to be totally stuffed with new goodies this year! So here’s Jake with the forecast.

Thanks Chris. We’ve just restocked a TON of new colors on a variety of our favorite products. Check out the new colors of the iYoyo Iceberg, with a hot new rims in gold, purple, rainbow-colored tempered-steel, and the always classy silver on black polycarbonate.

We also have the Yoyofactory Snowflake Collection now available, featuring winter-themed versions of the popular Replay Pro, Flight, and Shutter Wide Angle yoyos. Additionally, exciting new splash colors of the Shutter Wide Angle which are sure to pop out in any collection, especially the stunning Galaxy Edition are also available. And don’t overlook the new pink/purple fade Ann Connolly Edition of the Shutter, not to mention, we have a restock on colors for the YoyoFactory Edge, which recently took top honors in the 1A finals at the Illinois State Contest.

And that’s just about all we’ve got for you this week, but actually, now, there is one more thing…

We’re proud to announce that we have the all new Wooden Yoyofactory Legend Wing yoyo, now available with laser engraved Sage, Oracle, and One artwork, exclusive to YoYoTricks.com. The One edition is my favorite because it has a bear on it. This fixed axle, wing shaped yoyo is cut from a single piece of maple wood, with a pleasant aroma and buttery smooth fixed axle play, this is one yoyo that will take you, your parents, or grandparents, back to the good old days when playing with a yoyo depended more on skill, than on sleep times. Make sure to pick up some extra cotton strings, because we all know that wood yoyos can actually melt your standard polyester strings and cause them to break, and that is just no good.

That’s the forecast for this week, be sure to check out the News and Updates page at YoYoTricks.com for links to all these products and more!

Back to you, Chris.

Thanks Jake. Congrats The winner of last week’s instagram contest, @_elizabeth.yoyo, with this exciting grind trick.

Check your instagram DMs to claim your prize. As always, stay tuned at the end of this video for some of our favorite entries.

For next week’s contest, we want you to post a video performing the trick Wasabi GT. If you’ve just learned the trick and are still getting it down, that’s great, but also if you have come up with an original combo that involves this trick, we’d love to see that too. The spicier the trick, the more points you’ll get. Be sure to use the hashtag #YoTricksWasabi when you post your trick on Instagram.

For the full list of official contest rules go to YoYoTricks.com/InstaContest. This weeks contest winner will receive a $25 gift card to YoYoTricks.com, and remember, the winner will be randomly selected, so even if your video isn’t the best, you still have a shot at winning. And don’t forget, we will be featuring some of our favorite entries at the end of our next weekly yoyo update.

This is Christopher Chunn signing off, asking you, what does a spicy pepper do? It gets jalapeño business. Until next time, keep it spicy my friends.

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