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This week we announce the release of The Wedge Yoyo and a new series of tutorial videos featuring National Yoyo Champion Evan Nagao, in addition to the Mideast Regional Yoyo Contest coming up on June 9th. Plus, the #YoTricksProud Instagram contest results.

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The Wedge Yoyo Release, MER, Instagram Contest Results – Weekly Yoyo Update 5-2-18 Yoyo Trick
Welcome back to the Weekly yoyo update. This week, we have some big news. National yoyo champion Evan Nagao is releasing a new yoyo called the Wedge, in addition to a whole new series of tutorials on YoYoTricks.com, and not to mention, it’s his birthday this Thursday, so we are releasing a special clip video on our youtube channel that you don’t want to miss.
Later, we will be announcing the results for our final instagram contest.
But first, we are excited to announce that this Thursday, May 3rd, we will be releasing the all new Polycarbonate Wedge Yoyo from Yoyofactory, the new inexpensive plastic model for Evan Nagao, which is going to be available exclusively at YoYoTricks.com for 2 whole weeks ahead of the general release date on May 16th. And, not to mention, pre-orders for the Wedge are now available to our subscribers on Patreon.
Evan came out to visit with us back in March, and we had a blast filming a new series of tutorial videos with him. With the first set of tutorials that Evan filmed using the bi-metal EDGE yoyo in 2016, he taught some of his most challenging and ridiculous tricks we have ever seen on our channel.
With this new series throwing the Wedge, we want to go back to basics to teach more elemental tricks that set the foundation for Evan’s style of play. For anyone who has ever looked at Evan’s original tricks and thought “these are really cool, but way too hard for me to learn,” this new set of tricks is just for you. Tutorials will be releasing on right here on our youtube channel. The first tutorial is going to come out this Friday, and then the rest of them will be coming out on the following Saturdays over the course of the next few weeks. If you can’t wait that long, ALL of the tutorials will be available in advance for our Patreon subscribers this Friday. Super cool!
And above all that, the cherry on top is a new promo video called “Arcade Fever.” Ben, our video guy, has been living in a cave for about a month now, and finally the video is ready to see the light of day. We think you guys are really going to like this one when it drops this Thursday.
And now, we are glad to welcome back to the studio, via cellular phone technology, the current US National Champion Yoyo Evan Nagao. Hey Evan!
Hey what’s up Jake! Thanks for having me back on.
Now Evan, some of our viewers have already heard that there was a run of the Wedge yoyo released late last year. What is different about this new run of the Wedge?
Well Jake, the original run of Wedge was machined from delrin, and it was really more of a proof of concept of shape and design, only it was only sold at a few select stores. Whereas, the newest run of Wedge is a completely polished product. It was molded out of Polycarbonate plastic, which allowed us to optimize the weight distribution while also keeping the price down. So unlike the original delrin Wedge which was $35 apiece, this new version is really ready for the mass market at just $19.99.
That’s exciting to hear. What were your goals and inspirations when designing the yoyo?
So, the main inspiration for Wedge came after I won Nationals last year. A bunch of people started messaging me, asking me what they should buy as their first yoyo. Of course, I wanted to tell them Edge, because that is my brand, and that is the yoyo that I love, and you know, I compete with. But, you know, honestly, $100 for somebody’s first yoyo is a little too much in opinion. That is why I created Wedge. It is a yoyo for all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and even pro level, like I competed with this yoyo. It can handle all the tricks with its super great stability. This thing spins super long so it can handle any combo you throw at it. It has got fingerspin cups for awesome fingerspins, and it also is really good for Talon Grinds. Honestly, it just does every trick super well. Not to mention that the durability is super great. You know, polycarbonate, if you hit it on the ground a few times – I don’t recommend to do that, but if you accidentally do that, it won’t break immediately. And then of course, the colors, the super cool polycarbonate color ways are amazing.
Thanks Evan! In other news, the Mid East Regional Yoyo Contest is coming up fast on June 9th at the Indianapolis Convention Center as part of the Indy Popcon. PopCon is a pop culture themed convention with an emphasis on independent artists, tv and movies, gaming, internet culture, cosplay, and comics. Word has it that LeVar Burton of Reading Rainbow and Star Trek fame will also be in attendance, among other famous figures, such as David Yost, the original Blue Power Ranger. Learn more about the event at indypopcon.com
This is sure to be another year of intense competition where players from all around the Mid East Region will duke it out for a seed at the National Yoyo Contest at the end of June. But beyond the top spots, we will also be awarding prizes among the contestants, not just for the age groups, but this year, we will be giving out awards for every single age, up to 17. That’s right. That means, even if you don’t place well overall, but you were the best 11-year-old, or you were the only 11-year-old to compete, you will win a prize – We guarantee it!
Registration for MER closes on June 8th, and if you don’t upload your music by then, you’ll be out of luck. So if you are planning on going, make sure to visit MERYOYOCONTEST.com for all the details and get registered soon! You do need to buy entry passes for PopCon in order to get into the event, but if you get your tickets in advance through the links at MERYOYOCONTEST.com, there are discounts available to contest attendees. All contestants will also get a $15 gift card to the YoYotricks.com booth at the event.
And now, over to Chris for the Instagram contest results
Thanks, Jake! Hey guys, The #YoTricksProud Instagram contest is now closed and we have our winners! As always, be sure to check your instagram DMs to claim your prize. Stay tuned at the end of this broadcast for more of our favorite entries.
Up first we have the three randomly selected entries. Each of these win a $25 gift card. @44eggboi is our first winner, with his rendition of Ghost Neck. Next, @david_yoyo_27 wins with this original frontstyle combo. And third, @amiel.mulyanegara wins with this fresh combo.
And last, but certainly not least, our favorite pick was @elijahstroot who impressed us with this snazzy horizontal offstring fingerspin combo, inspired by world yoyo champion Hajime Miura. Nice going Elijah, you just won yourself a $50 gift card.

And that concludes our final Instagram contest for now. A huge thanks to everybody to entered and congrats to those of you who used these contests to push your skills even further.

This is Christopher Chunn signing off, letting you guys know that I was once addicted to the Hokey Pokey. Thankfully, I managed to turn myself around.

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