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Learn the kendama trick Revolver.

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Revolver and the Revolver Grip Kendama Trick
This trick is called Revolver. It looks like this.

To do this trick you’re going to start holding the kendama in a Revolver Grip, which is a new grip. To do this, you want to have the big cup facing down, the small cup facing up, and the spike pointing towards you. And you’re going to take, on your dominant hand, your first two fingers and your going to put your index finger under the small cup, you middle finger under the big cup, and use your other fingers and thumb to support the kendama how it feels comfortable.

One important tip is that you want to make sure with your first two fingers that you are just putting the tips of your fingers underneath the cups. If you go to far up, it’s going to make the rotation of the kendama a little difficult. So, just make sure you are down at the tips of your fingers.

Once you’ve got the kendama in the Revolver Grip, what you’re going to do is start by popping the tama up, and at the same time that you pop the tama up your going to flick your wrist to rotate the ken around your index finger. You’re going to let go with the rest of your fingers and rotate it around. When it comes around, you’re going to grab the handle in a standard Ken Grip and then land the tama on the Big Cup.

It will take a little bit of practice, so I recommend starting by first not even worrying about catching the tama but just rotating and getting that motion down. You want them at the same time. You want to try not to have to pop the tama up and then rotate, but do the rotation and the pop all at the same time. Once you get comfortable with that, you’ll find that catching it on the cup is no problem.

That is Revolver.

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