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Learn the Kendama Trick Pull Side Spike. 

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Pull Side Spike Kendama Trick
This trick is called Pull Side Spike, it looks like this.

Just like that. Now before you learn this trick make sure that you know your Pull Spike and your Side Spike and that you got those down really well because we are just going to combine those two tricks into one. To start you are going to start off in the Ken grip, let the Tama hang down like you would with a Pull Spike but instead of pulling straight up this time we are going to do just like we did in Side Spike and we are going to pull our arm to the side and that will turn the Tama so that the hole ends up facing the outside and then you can spike the Tama. When you do this the two things are really going to help, one is you want to keep your Ken as close to the Tama as possible, that helps with aiming. Another thing is once you spike, if you turn your hand upward, that helps keep control of the Tama so that it does not fall off the spike. Once you got that down, put them together and that is how you do the Side Spike and then one other thing you can do with this trick is you can actually also do it in the Sara grip. Let the tama hang down, pull it up, Side Spike, and that is Pull Side Spike.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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