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Learn how to do The Bee’s Knees 5A yoyo trick.

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The Bee’s Knees Yoyo Trick
This trick is called The Bee’s Knees, and it looks like this:

When you are first learning this trick, you might find that your balance is actually giving you more difficulty than the yoyo movements themselves. You are just going to want to practice standing like this, with your throwhand thigh parallel to the ground, and your calf at a 90 degree angle to your thigh. Just practice standing like this for a couple of minutes at a time until you have mastered it. You can also try practicing this trick with your back against a wall.

Starting from the beginning, first we are going to throw into a trapeze. Then we are going to do a 360 and catch the counterweight on our throwhand thigh, about halfway down. You want the counterweight to come under your thigh and just tap right at the bottom of your thigh. Then you just want to leave the counterweight there. Eventually as you get better at this trick, it will be an instant rebound, but for now, just practice standing like this.

Then from here, we are going to do a reverse bee sting. We need to bring the yoyo into an undermount. Rather than just pulling the yoyo off the string into an undermount, you will see that causes the counterweight to come off of your leg. Instead, what we need to do is pinch the string right above the yoyo. Then move our hand around the yoyo so that the string stays on our thigh. From here we are going to perform a reverse beesting, so we are going to bring the yoyo up to the bottom of this string and we want to really exaggerate the outward motion with out opposite hand, which is going to pull the counterweight string off of our thigh. We are going to push in and then bring your opposite hand nice and close to our throwhand thigh. The counterweight has enough string to come all the way over and wrap to the inside of our throwhand thigh. From here, we are going to do that exact pinching and unrolling motion. We are going to pinch, bring our hand around the yoyo, pinch again, go into an undermount. Then we are going to pinch these two strings between our thumb and middle finger. We are going to pull our hand out which is going to bring the counterweight around our throwhand thigh. When we do this, we want to roll the yoyo to our throwhand side once. As the counterweight is coming around, we can catch the counterweight in our throwhand. Then we can dismount the yoyo from this undermount. Let it come all the way around, swinging at the end of the string. Land it into an under the leg trapeze. From here, we are just going to do a regular bee sting and drop our throwhand foot. We can catch the yoyo in an undermount. Perform a bind, and that is The Bee’s Knees.

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