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Learn how to do the Swipe Double Green Triangle Yoyo Trick.

This is the Swipe Double Green Triangle. It looks like this.

First, throw a Trapeze. Using your non-throwhand you are going to separate your Trapeze and insert your throwhand from behind your Trapeze. After this, you are going to rest your Trapeze on your throwhand hand wrist. Basically what happens during this trick, we are focusing on the string that is attached to your throwhand middle finger. This string is going to orbit around your yoyo – around the front-half of your yoyo – and then what happens is, again, and if you watch, my non-throwhand is grabbing onto the string connected to my throwhand middle finger. You are going to drop the string that is connected to your throwhand wrist off. It forms your Double Green Triangle. You exit out the back. 

To successfully complete this trick, you are going to combine all of those elements into one motion. After you land your Trapeze and insert your wrist  – again we are going to be focussing on this string connected to your throwhand middle finger – you are going to hop the yoyo up, swipe this string underneath the yoyo. That creates your Wrist Mount. Again, grabbing this string, dropping it off your wrist.

Once more, when all the steps are combined into one motion, it looks like this.

Some problems you might face with Swipe Double Green Triangle: If your string isn’t far enough back on your throwhand wrist, it will be really hard to get the string to come underneath the front side of the yoyo. So again, if you are having problems creating your Wrist Mount, make sure that your Trapeze if far enough back on your throwhand wrist. 

Once you have your Double Green Triangle and you exit out the back, sometimes your string might form this fake knot. You can just let it go, it will totally come out. The easiest way to exit from the Swipe Double Green Triangle is if you grab the top half of the Green Triangle with both hands and then just force your yoyo to exit out the back. You will see that this piece of string is connecting the top triangle up here. That will give it plenty of room so when you drop it no fake knot will form at all.

That was the Swipe Double Green Triangle.


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