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Learn the Reverse Mini-Ninja Vanish Yoyo Trick, AKA Minja Vanish featuring the Snack Yoyo and Tyler Severance.

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Reverse Mini-Ninja Vanish Yoyo Trick

This is the Reverse Mini-Ninja Vanish, or Minja Vanish for short. It looks like this:

First, you are going to throw a Trapeze. After you land your Trapeze you are going to insert your non-throw hand middle finger and rotate both fingers down and to the outside of the Trapeze. You are then going to use your thumb on your non-throw hand and pinch against these two fingers. You are going to rotate these fingers, rotating the string that is attached to your yoyo around, and you will see this triangle form, and the strings start to cross and intersect down by the gap of the yoyo. What you want to focus on is this string that is closest to you. You are going to hop the yoyo into that string. That is what forms our Green Triangle.

To properly perform Minja Vanish, you are combing all the elements we learned so far into one moment. You are going to first hop the yoyo up and just slightly behind your Trapeze. Almost at the same time rotate and whip your non-throw hand around. That is going to bring the string that is connected to the yoyo behind your Trapeze. If you do it at just the right time, and whip it, it is going to catch the yoyo right in the triangle.

If you are having problems with Minja Vanish. You might just be landing back into a Trapeze. Remember, the yoyo is supposed to drop behind your Trapeze mount. That is what intersects the string creating your triangle.

Another tip is to make sure that the yoyo hops as close as you can to your non-throw hand as this is where the triangle will be the widest, and it will give you the most room to land in your Trapeze.

Last but not least, just because it is a Mini-Ninja Vanish that does not mean that you want a little amount of string. I would recommend having an equal amount of length on each hand. Even weighting it a little more towards your non-throw hand so that you really get as much slack as possible in order to catch it into that triangle.

That is the Mini-Ninja Vanish, or Minja Vanish.

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