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Learn how to do the yoyo trick SOH-CAH-TOA Chopsticks.

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SOH-CAH-TOA Chopsticks Yoyo Trick

The is SOH-CAH-TOA Chopsticks, it looks like this.

First, throw a Trapeze. Take your throwhand thumb, and place it on top of your Trapeze hopping the yoyo onto the string segment in-between your throwhand thumb and middle finger. For the next step, you are going to take your throwhand and rotate it from the front of your body toward your body, like so, throwing the yoyo into air hopping it up and then catching it on the opposite side of your body.

To successfully complete this first hop, make sure we are hopping our yoyo in front of all the strings, and that we are also not just focussing on catching the yoyo between my throwhand middle finger and thumb here, but more so just the string connected to my middle finger. As long as you are aiming for that, you are going to be able to successfully complete the repetition of the trick.

If you are moving from this hop to your second hop, we are going to pull both of our hands apart, again, trying to aim the yoyo in front of all the strings. As soon as your yoyo is in mid-air you are going to release the string from your throwhand thumb, rewatching it on the opposite side of your body. If you will notice, I have this twist around my non-throwhand index finger. So I need to make sure that I am correcting that and untwisting it with every repetition of the trick.

If you are having problems with your thumb placement during the second hop, make sure that you’re aiming your thumb to land right on top of the string that is coming down from your throwhand middle finger.

Another tip is to make sure that your yoyo is getting enough air time with every hop. If your yoyo is not hopping high enough you will not have enough time to setup for your second hop, and that can cause problems.

The last thing is we need to make sure that your hands are lined up. If your non-throwhand is pushed out, or your throwhand is pushed out, you will not be able to catch it the right way, and it can also make your yoyo tilt.

That was the the SOH-CAH-TOA-Chopsticks.

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