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Learn how to do 1.5 Eli Hops over your Arm.

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Over the Arm 1.5 Eli-Hops Yoyo Trick
This is One-and-a-Half Over the Arm Eli Hops, and it looks like this.

Before learning this trick go back and learn our tutorial for 1.5 Eli Hop. It would also help to check out the Redirect video so you can get comfortable with how the yoyo is going to move during this trick.

Basically, you are just going to do a 1.5 Eli Hop repositioning the yoyo to move through this hole that is created by your forearm and your shoulder here. The crucial part to making this trick work is making sure your fingers, instead of pointing away from you, are actually pointed up or just slightly towards your body. That way the yoyo has room to pass by the string that is connected to your non-throw hand. You also want to make sure that your non-throw hand is pointed just slightly out from your body. If it is completely side by side with your throw hand it is going to be hard to get the yoyo back onto the string.

The key to finishing this trick properly is making sure your fingers maintain this upward or inverted position if you have them curled back far enough, so that the yoyo has enough room to hit this string connected to your throw hand over here, and it reaches right back onto the mount. Make sure you are not repositioning your fingers forward until the absolute last second when the yoyo hits the string. Just like that.

This is a great element to add into any combo. You can go from front to back on your 1.5 Hops. After you reposition in your 1.5 Mount you can add a Weave or a Figure 8. It is a great element to add to any 1.5 combo. 

That was the Over the Arm 1.5 Eli Hop.

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