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Learn the Rodeo Green Triangle Yoyo Trick from World Yoyo Champion Tyler Severance.

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Rodeo Triangle Yoyo Trick

This is the Rodeo Triangle, it looks like this.

Throw a Trapeze. Using your throw hand you are going to whip it across the front side of your body, creating this big lasso of string. It is going to travel over top and on the outside of your non-throw hand. You are going to be aiming for the string closest to you coming directly off of your throw hand.

To understand how the Green Triangle is formed, once you have committed to the lasso and landed it, the yoyo in your lasso, you will notice this little twist around the bottom of your yoyo. This twist once the string is transferred from your non-throw hand to your throw hand is what creates that triangle. It happens like this. Like you saw, I release it, I release the string off of my non-throw hand. I gently push it down. Then it is going to travel underneath the yoyo swinging up. Then I catch it on my throw hand like that.

If you are having problems catching your yoyo in the lasso part of Rodeo Green Triangle, it helps – if it is falling off of your finger – to form this circle with your index finger and thumb on your non-throw hand. Also, if you notice my hand starts in a palm down toward the floor position. As the slack comes over my non-throw hand it flips over and now I am palm side up.

Another helpful tip is to make sure you are not hopping your yoyo too high in the air. You just want to hop it high enough so that the slack sneaks in underneath there and you can throw it on the other side.

One last tip is to make sure you are aiming your yoyo finger and index finger on your throw hand kind of towards the gap of the yoyo. Again, this is the string that the yoyo is going to land on, the string coming right off your throw hand middle finger. If you kind of point those fingers towards the gap of the yoyo sometimes it helps the slack land right in between those two yoyo halves.

When you are trying the lasso sometimes the yoyo will land on a Green Triangle. That just means you are landing on the wrong string. Other times you will land in this Trapeze. That means that your yoyo is not landing in the lasso. Let me show you what I mean by that. Here is what the lasso is going to look like, on the outside of your wrist. You want the yoyo to land in this string right here. In this little cradle, this loop that you see. You do not want it to land on this side. If you land the yoyo on this side of the string, that is what is going to create this Trapeze with just these loops of string in it, and not actually form the correct segment of string you need to make your Green Triangle.

That is the Rodeo Triangle.

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