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Learn the Go GT yoyo trick by Tyler Severance using the Snack Yoyo.

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Snack Yoyo
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Go Green Triangle Yoyo Trick
This is the Go! Green Triangle and it looks like this.

Start by throwing a break away. Position your hands as if you’re going to do a ninja vanish, but instead of doing a ninja vanish, you’re going to take your throw hand, placing it underneath your non throw hand like this, cross armed, creating this smaller trapeze mount.

And instead of whipping our slack behind that trapeze mount, we’re actually going to ship it in front of the trapeze mount. It looks like this.

You’ll notice that as soon as my yoyo hits the string, the new trapeze mount we’ve made, my non throw hand is just slightly higher than my throw hand because our yoyo is in a back spin mount, so if our hands are too tight, our yoyo might bind up and come back to our hand before we’ve finished our green triangle.

So after you’re in this position, to create the triangle you’re going to bring this string around to the front of the yoyo like so, you’re going to drop your throw hand and that will drop your yoyo into a green triangle while exiting out the front.

When actually performing the Go! GT, you’ll notice that I’m doing more of a casting motion to bring the slack around the back half of the yoyo to form the triangle. And if you’ll notice that when I do the casting motion, as the string lands right there, it’s in front of the yoyo now, and all I have to do is bring my throw hand underneath the yoyo to form the triangle.

The last thing you may notice if you’re having difficulties performing the Go! GT, is once you’re in this motion and you perform the casting part of the trick to get your slack to come around the yoyo, if you notice my non throw hand goes from being palm side down to palm side up, as I release my throw hand into the Go! GT. One last time, from palm side down, cast, palm side up, with my non throw hand.

And that was the Go! GT.

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