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Learn the Yoyo Trick Pedestrian Payback from World Yoyo Champion Tessa Piccillo.

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Pedestrian Payback Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Pedestrian Payback and this is what it looks like.

So to start this trick, you are going to start in a One-and-a-half mount and let the yoyo continue to swing in front of the strings until it reaches its peak at the top. As you do this, bring your non throwhand and mimic the motions of the yoyo so that it will go under your throwhand as the yoyo goes up and hits its peak comes back down into a One-and-a-half mount. Then from here, you are going to continue to swing the yoyo over and in front of your non throwhand so that it creates a cross in the strings, then the yoyo will continue up until you do a Redirect above your head. As you do a redirect, as the yoyo stalls in the air, make sure the yoyo and the strings attached to it are parallel to the ground. Then from here unroll the yoyo back into a One-and-a-half mount.

So from here you are going to put three fingers inside of this loop and rest your thumb on top of there pushing into the string, and you are going to do a Boomerang except instead of landing back into a One-and-a-half mount you are going to land it on this string in between these two fingers here  like this, and what you do not want to do is bring the string attached to the yoyo and loop it around your thumb like that because then there will be two loops around your thumb. What you do want to do is have that string pass in front of your thumb so you can pull the yoyo through your two fingers onto that string.

So from here you are going to lift the yoyo up behind all the strings and the palm on your throwhand will be facing you. Then drop the loop around your thumb, then you are going to swing the yoyo in between and over your non throwhand and your arms will end up crossing and your non throwhand will be under your throwhand elbow.

So to get into that same mount easier, all you have to do is get into a One-and-a-half mount and swing it over to the other side and have your throw hand pointer towards yourself. So from here you are going to dismount the yoyo bring this loop right here over the top right there, then you going to slide that loop down your wrist and swing the yoyo over into an Undermount, then you are going to drop this loop off your pointer finger. Bring your throw hand around and grab this back string coming out of the yoyo pull it apart so the strings cross over the bearings like that. Then you are going to do an Asian Pop but before you do that roll around once, pop out. Then to finish the trick you are going to drop everything from your hands and you will be in a Magic Knot, dismount out the front and that is Pedestrian Payback.

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