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Transcend Yoyo

YoYoTricks HighEndString

white highendstring 5
white highendstring 25
white highendstring 100
yellow highendstring 5
yellow highendstring 25
yellow highendstring 100
blue highendstring 5
blue highendstring 25
blue highendstring 100
orange highendstring 5
orange highendstring 25
orange highendstring 100
green highendstring 5
green highendstring 25
green highendstring 100

Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads – optional

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Shutter Yoyo Competition Pack

With a comfortable feeling in the hand, the Shutter Yoyo has similar play characteristics with the Transcend Yoyo

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The Transcend Yoyo Pro Pack comes with the Transcend yoyo and everything else you need to keep it working at peak performance. Along with the Transcend yoyo, the pack includes a Center Trac bearing for improved performance during difficult combos and off-axis style play. The Pro Pack also includes thin yoyo lube to protect the yoyo’s bearing, and HighEndString, our highest quality and most durable yoyo string to keep the Transcend yoyo playing as well as possible.

The Transcend Yoyo Pro Pack includes:

  • The Transcend Yoyo – Signature yoyo of world champion Tessa Piccillo.
  • Center Trac Bearing – A string centering bearing, great for complicated strings and off-axis style play.
  • Thin Yoyo Lube – All yoyo bearings need lube to keep working properly, Thin Yoyo Lube keeps your bearings spinning long without breaking down.
  • 5 HighEndStrings – Long lasting, excellent performing string. Great for all styles of play.

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Weight145 g
Dimensions3.75 × 3.75 × 3 in

Transcend Yoyo

YoYoTricks HighEndString

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