Tessa P.

Name: Tessa Piccillo
YoYoing Since: 2009
Favorite Trick: Horizontal Eli Hops

How did you get started yoyoing?
One day I randomly started playing with an old yoyo my dad had on his shelf. He taught me some basic tricks, I got those down pretty good, then got bored. So, I looked online to see if there was anything (I figured there wouldnt be too much to learn) and I found tutorials, contest videos, etc, and was immediately hooked.

What was the first yoyo you learned with?
The Yomega Brain yoyo.

What do you do besides yoyo?
Besides yoyoing, I longboard, bike, travel, run, and take selfies with my dogs.

What’s your favorite thing about yoyoing:
My favorite thing about yoyoing is the community. Its so awesome meeting new people and everyone is so supportive of one another. Also, I love how yoyoing has given me so many opportunities to travel.


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