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Learn how to do the yoyo trick Kamikaze.

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Kamikaze Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Kamikaze. It looks like this.

Just like that. Kamikaze has a few elements in it that you already know, and there is just a couple of transitions in between. So I will show you those. It starts off with your Houdini Mount. Then you are going to go into your Kamikaze Mount. When you do the trick Kamikaze, the proper way to do the mount is to throw the yoyo into the top string and then land the yoyo. Just like that. We have another video, just on the Kamikaze Mount, that shows you how to do that, so check that out.

Once you get it into your Kamikaze Mount, all you are going to do is roll the yoyo over your yoyo hand, and then you are going to have two strings over on the outside of your body so you want to roll the yoyo over the first finger on your opposite hand onto the back of those two strings. Once you get it here, you are going to take the first finger on your opposite hand and hook it in, and let this top string fall off. Then you are going to hop the yoyo straight up onto that string that was right on the top. Really, all that you are going to do from here is roll the yoyo over this finger, and drop the string off this finger right here. As you can see that puts you back into a Trapeze.

That is really the first half of the trick. It is not a bad idea to just work on that, make sure you’ve got all those elements down, then you can move into the second half of the trick, which again starts off right from a Trapeze. All you are going to do for this is start off with a Magic Drop and you want to land the yoyo on the back string, just like you normally would. Then you have got this top string here, you are going to roll back into it, on the same string you are going to roll over, hit it again, you are going to roll over, hit it again. What you are going to do, is you are going to roll out, you are going to let the string off this finger and then catch it right back into the Trapeze.

That’s really the whole trick. Each element takes its own work, so you just have to work on every part, but once you have it figured out then you just want to get the flow down and put it all together.

That is the Kamikaze.

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