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Learn how to do the Magic Drop Yoyo Trick and Shockwave.

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Magic Drop and Shockwave Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you two tricks, Magic Drop and then a little addition to that trick called Shockwave. They look like this.

That’s Magic Drop. That is Shockwave.

As you can see the tricks themselves are pretty simple, but they actually incorporate a really interesting element, and this is probably the first trick that you are going to learn that uses that particular element. What I’m talking about is what is called a Rejection. A Rejection is anytime the string just comes right off the bottom of the yoyo like that. If you are just seeing that it kind of seems like, why would you ever want that? There are actually a whole lot of tricks that use rejections that can be really cool, and Magic Drop is the first trick that most people learn that actually uses a rejection.

I’ll show you that. Like I said the concept of how to do the trick is pretty simple. You are just going to get on the Trapeze and then you are going to take your thumb and first finger right here and just wrap the string around it. Then you are just going to point your fingers just like this. You want the string to go around the back of your thumb and you actually want to hold the string forward on the edge of your first finger a little bit. That is going to make doing the Magic Drop a little bit easier. Then, you just roll the yoyo over your hand just like that. Ideally you want to land on the inside string.

What you will find is that as you are practicing this trick it is not going to do what just happened because, chances are, the first couple of times you are not actually going to get the string to reject. Let me show you what it looks like when that happens.

So, if you are working on it, I’ll miss both of these strings just to illustrate what happens. If you are working on the trick and you do the trick wrong, you can see when you miss the strings the string is going right from the yoyo to my thumb right here. That is how you know you missed it. If you do the trick it will land and it will look like this. You can’t complete the trick if you miss that rejection. If you do the trick properly, again if we miss the strings, you can see that nothing is sitting under the yoyo. If you look at it the string from the yoyo is going directly to my first finger. The rest of the string is still wrapped around my thumb. That is how you know that you completed the trick properly.

Once you get that down, like I said, you want to do that Magic Drop, and you are going to end with these two strings coming off your first finger. You are going to want to land on the string closest to your body, just like this, and that will set you up for your Shockwave.

Let me show you that from a side-view. Just like that. You can see that I landed on the inside string. When you are doing the trick it can be kind of hard to get these two strings to separate at first. So what I do is I tend to point my first finger on my opposite hand down and to the left a little bit, and that seems to open them up, and then of course you will need to aim to hit that back string. Let me show you that again. Just like that. You can see I am pointing this way.

That is how you do the Magic Drop. If you want to do the Shockwave all you are going to do is take this first finger on your yoyo hand, you are going to turn it in. You have these two strings behind the yoyo that you can see. You are going to roll the yoyo onto the string closest to your body. Just like that. Then you are going to let the string off the first finger of your opposite hand and that will put you right back into a Trapeze. From there you can go right back into a Shockwave. You can do the whole trick again. That is why it is called a repeater.

This is a pretty difficult trick to get used to at first, because hitting that Magic Drop is… you have to hit it just right. I already pointed out one thing. You want the string to be wrapped around the back of your thumb like this, and you want to be holding it more on the edge of your first finger. If you let it slide back here then it is going to be a lot more challenging to get that Magic Drop to work. The second thing is, you want to make sure that you do it close enough to your hand. If you attempt to do the Magic Drop way out here, then it is not going to reject, you are going to have that string connected to your thumb. You want to get that perfect balance. You want to hold the string on the end of your first finger, get it wrapped around your thumb, get it just close enough to the yoyo to catch it on that back string, if you want you can bring it into a Shockwave.

This trick, especially the Magic Drop, is an element that is used in a whole lot of different tricks, so it is really important to master. But once you get it down it is really cool. That is Magic Drop and Shockwave.

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