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Learn to do the Windmill, or 5A Pinwheel Freehand yoyo trick.

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Windmill AKA 5A Pinwheel Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Windmill or 5A Pinwheel, and it looks like this:

You can do it once, or you can put it together multiple times.

So, to perform this trick, you are going to want to start with the breakaway, and then you want to go into pinwheels. If you are not sure how to do this, we have a 1A tutorial on our website. Rather than having small and fast pinwheels like this, instead you are going to want really big and slow pinwheels.

As the yoyo is coming around, right at about this point of its arc, right before it is about to go over your opposite hand, you are going to want to take the counterweight in your throwhand and pull it straight back. Then let go of the counterweight. After you let go, you will see that the weight and the momentum of the yoyo pulls the counterweight around you opposite hand pointer finger.

So after the yoyo has come around, and as the counterweight is coming around, you will notice that I am curling my finger in. This is really important to do, because otherwise the counterweight is going to come around and the string is going to launch off of our opposite hand, and that is no good. So after the yoyo comes around, you want to pinch, and then you can catch the counterweight and undo the pinch and let the yoyo come back under your opposite pointer finger.

Once you have mastered that basic motion, then it is time to work on repeating the trick one after another. If you are having a hard time doing this, your problem probably lies in your string proportions. You will notice that if I keep my pinwheels small and fast, I can do the trick once, but after that the timing does not really work. So if you are having a hard time putting it together, make sure that your pinwheels are nice and big, catch the counterweight and bring your hands close together, and then pull back. That should help the timing of the trick. And that is Windmill.

So first things first, you want to only focus on the yoyo pinwheels, so you can actually just hold onto the counterweight, and just do the pinwheels, and what you are going to do is just like how we taught… yeah (yeah, lube, lube that) yeah.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Yoyo Trick:

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