red aqua cap freehand pro yoyo duncan
red aqua cap freehand pro yoyo duncan
pink sakura edition freehand pro yoyo duncan
red glitter spingear edition freehand pro yoyo duncan
Translucent yellow freehand pro duncan yoyo black cap

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Yoyo Weight and Specifications

Specs for the Freehand Pro Yoyo

  • Weight
    63.9 grams
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Finish

YoYoTricks.com Freehand Pro Yoyo Review

The Duncan Freehand Pro Yoyo is an outstanding plastic yoyo designed for optimal 5a play. At the low price of only $16.99, the Duncan Freehand Pro Yoyo includes a concave bearing and a Duncan Dice, required for 5a tricks.

The Duncan Freehand has a history like no other. Duncan has been producing iterations of the Freehand Yoyo for over 10 years, with a simple goal in mind – make the 5a style of play as accessible as possible. Duncan has succeeded yet again, bringing the Freehand back to the forefront of plastic yoyo design.

The Duncan Freehand Pro was carefully weighted and designed to match perfectly with the included Duncan Die. The two balance well during 5a tricks, making counterweight tricks easy and fun to learn. The Freehand Pro Yoyo’s larger diameter and included concave bearing allows the Freehand Yoyo to spin stable at low spin power.

Out of the package, the Freehand Pro comes with everything needed to start learning counterweight tricks. Everything from the  weighting and design of the yoyo, the price, to included parts, make the Freehand Pro Yoyo an incredible choice for learning and performing 5a yoyo tricks.

The Freehand Pro is also available with discounted accessories here.

Manufacturer's Description of The Freehand Pro Yoyo

The Freehand is the first yoyo in the world that doesn’t need to be tied to your hand! With its patented counter-weight system, you can let go of the yoyo in mid-trick, making the impossible look easy. The Freehand has a wide flared shape, and recessed Friction Stickers for smooth play and perfect response.

Break the rules of conventional yoyoing and let go!

Additional information

Weight125 g
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in
Freehand Pro Yoyo Color

Any Color Freehand Pro Yoyo – Surprise Me!, Red Teal Freehand Pro Yoyo, Blue Black Freehand Pro Yoyo, Red White Freehand Pro Yoyo, Purple White Freehand Pro Yoyo, Yellow Blue Freehand Pro Yoyo, Pink Sakura Edition Freehand Pro Yoyo, Red Glitter Freehand Pro Yoyo, Translucent Yellow Black Cap Freehand Pro Yoyo

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